Upcycled Baseball Gloves into Wallets

(upbeat music) – Well, growing up playing baseball, and not being able to play it anymore, was what brought the passion to light. (upbeat music) You still want to talk about baseball, and you still want to carry it with you, but how else do you do it without … I mean, you’re not going to carry your glove with you
everywhere you go anymore. When you’re carrying your wallet, it’s a conversation piece. You can bring it out, and then people start talking about baseball. I’m the founder of Fielder’s Choice Goods. What I do is I’ll take
vintage baseball gloves and repurpose them, upcycle them, into wallets and other accessories. When I started the brand,
I really didn’t think it was going to blow up as much as it did. I didn’t initially plan for it to be repurposed or upcycled. I thought it would be a good idea for my friends that also liked baseball. The trend was right, and it was a cool way to twist the brand. Really, I don’t even have the materials. I have to go find the material. A lot of the gloves come from
swap meets, estate sales. I’m constantly on Ebay, Etsy. Small street team, too. They’ll send me a text and say, “Hey, I saw this glove
at this garage sale. “Would you be interested in it?” Once I purchase a glove, to break it down, we take out all the
stitching, split it open, take out the inside stuffing, and then you’re left with the
top and bottom of the glove. We save all these scraps
for other projects, like key chains and trims for the hats. We clean up all the leather, and then I send it to my sibley guy, and he stitches the wallets. Our best seller would be the wallets. We also sell key chains and belts. But I think people gravitate towards the wallets more because
they hold on to them longer. They’ll take them to games
and take photos of them. It’s also a conversation piece. Upcycling has brought a new
outlet for me for baseball. I’ve learned more. I can find out where
these gloves came from, and then I can retell the
story through the brand. (upbeat music)

6 thoughts on “Upcycled Baseball Gloves into Wallets

  1. Okay… not bad. I've got my eye on you guys though. I give this video a 9/10. Try upcycling more common waste materials. Pallets, plastic containers, industrial waste… etc. 😉

    lol where da hell did i come from?

  2. very cool idea, I've been thinking about using a baseball glove to make some knife sheaths and gun holsters and I wanted to keep that baseball glove look.

  3. This makes me sad, who knows he could have turned a baseball players glove from 90 years ago into a wallet..

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