hi and for now it is not forget it is not
so composed we have then was patrician ruben diaz nélson semedo rafael
personal warrior I’m gives are very welcome to the pro malta channel today
here we are updating our collection of adrenalyn xl euro 2020 i have here this
point of letters for us around here in this in this alive in this motivator for
those you didn’t see the first episode she leave here in the corner if
bought all andré’s videos that we’ve done so far
tell me if you don’t like this collection here on the channel and obviously wants to wear
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try hard to hit the barrier of 500 parents that is to bring more
card openings and stickers here for the malta channel unfortunately here on the page
gives the gas we just continue with the gnabry and
the lewandowski films two more but unfortunately they were repeated you saw
the videos here on the channel if the one more time what ship and again what the
lewandowski the other seven in did not leave well let’s go here here too
pays part we still remain the same way here we have then the stadiums and
the celebrations of the teams that rated for euro 2020 too
nothing new amazing by any chance thought that girls were easier to leave
but we continue in the same way and we then advance that for our first
equips austria and here we will start to put some faces here we have here to
delivery already goes here I’m here gives everything in order and so it will be a
pretty quiet video without much confusion for you to be in that
follow here the 34 the I was one the archive the player born in 1901
there are 8 because here the 36 is here
the parties here one of them was a letter then the players live here
more virtual the situation was to lose 3 is here hi hi very well and we don’t have a gray here
painters number 44 the Austrian striker will stay here so a look
so how is our attention composed bring them still not the side I think
there is also the team letter that the alarm should be here I say he is a
medium weight quite can make you cry all positions he has a date
special that or real player and already left me let’s move away here to belgium where
then we have what type or color there the goalkeeper that this year has been giving
real madrid point light the real truth but there is no great team as already
i had other years thomas money or another psg object and then we here the middle defense of or
hum the dendoncker and here the wire the captain then we have
here the player will advance from naples the weaning o and finally michy batshuayi advanced
chelsea cake pop mouse side think joke that many cards of the selection
Belgian are the ones to close very god are few of them without action in action we have was
that the bad luck of bring in art the knockers and the estimated values ​​are the only ones
rest everything is here to land the sin is leave these with less taste because there
I find it very funny here the Judas are here to celebrate but anyway it’s my opinion
croatia we have here the symbol of 2018 world runners-up
o and here we have only one player field a first tub and it will
the class that is well composed missing just a captain and an 11 to get
with wicket already kills I see benfica very beautiful is very beautiful I think this
collection at graphic level design level of the page and generous this one for the
czech republic where we have the vacuum here the Czech goalkeeper is everything
thought it was that seasons that I I know few players and then I don’t
from here then our first letter insert here from the czech republic the file
or metal that in the video for status term stadium crowd pensioner
right the one started this he knows bring two lines but it was transferred
winter market for the spartak moscow is the letter of 88 and goes here
I know vaco and I say no more deserves a lot more or less than pencil the
channel that will be that is the defensive medium pretty danish dandruff cake michael
lester’s goalkeeper everybody only knows the defender of the
chelsea clisson also quite known
and there for here the other known increase cristian
heverson and then 188 goes here
what’s up good and then the letter 113 nikolai your
gun he will have here look and ready we already have the use of
denmark is missing the then still the captain a guy a fake in both
when we brake and here we return the symbol and an england base kyle walker the 123
what’s up and then we have the 127 hours well 127 of the
smart goes here and we have here for now our first letter letter in this video
harry who very much did the letters of jackson my favorite plays
of this collection and I have no more I have if he delivered a few lately he leaves
very sergio ramos spain already now let’s dance what is spain and
here we have raúl albiol the central of real old central real madrid village
and the Neapolitan team ah because santi cazorla fancy peva ituran
that I say already has great respect for him because receiving an injury
that nobody was waiting for us was here and I could even finish
without a leg being noticed and it will that face I am still more in strength to
make an excellent seasoned real village and go to euro2020 ie if it is
performed even this year does not know how to read only just tuesday i don’t know if all
the areas before or after the decision or this will know if the euro will be
then carried out in 2001 letter 141 word class did barcelona left because
we have here one more one fans we have here wonder that of the hours shaking odor of the real
society hi and spain for now is composed
this advanced way we go to selection for weight that has more I think
which is even that is finland and still get more complete this time right now
of the hour well we have here the 171 the grumman then we are here the iansã of 172 and
here we have the 168 a favorite phase and the at toy saw go here I’m all right
see missing so just over here we only have two left
letters is the symbol and a fan and it’s ok
compound after they represent here in these that almost no one has france
big empty paris and will hire Brazil we have here the 173 central rod of the
real madrid after a goal i sang the your friend’s team save ba did
those popular front in the midfield of france at the 2018 world championship
chelsea olivia and ops now changed everything the incra
you will come here i was going to pension phrase from that seasons
that I really have very little and just eight cards out of a total of 18 we have here
then the other one already repeated Germany where did the symbol of
roman federation oh nicolas sul the central defender of
munich bayern nicole schutz i don’t I understand why the toni cruise comes
first that spending on chemis and the only wooden kick for me is that
know words have these a little strange of my opinion but anyway
because here the most advanced is one is one extreme is not julian brant who will
Stop here hi and 11 from germany
what’s going on here and it’s made up honestly way
I thought I would have less of Germany but there are also now now seven eight nine ten
eleven cards are 17 left from here to italy also we don’t have many we have
here then the federico bernard desk used from youtube that goes that goes that goes that
law for here and already now enjoy to put then offended kieza who goes to
on here ae and it’s in this moment how can i this
this Italian way that for me is that it does make a shine in this euro-2020
to a good generation of players and I think that is well coordinated by roberta
morandine can stay away netherlands we start here with the essay symbol
the very nice table we are here is one of my favorites at the level
european increase portugal and my would run race after italy and
netherlands well after feldman 231 a team next to the on the face after
martin aron talking about frank de jong oe steven berlin the extreme of touch us
152 that he goes over here to the side of the that this pronoun also composed does not
just one two three four four exactly how the lady is composed
poland 251 congratulations colleague no 51 here the 52 now berezinsky and relapsed arcades
because the 53 it rains here doctor you will certainly know your pass through
seville by psg and is now in lokomotiv moscow if there is no error because the
I already said that the Naples midfielder hi and of course the great striker of
size of the milk user goes here to side of the ppi yesterday apolonia home in
valadares also has videos and yesterday the camille lewandowski is no longer or
less composed by a special house not so famous and now Portugal
it’s not very famous either ruben diaz the central of benfica with the
team side rui patrício bruno fernandes the middle now of
manchester united will fall to the side gonçalves and for now is not forget not ok
so composed we have then patrician rui ruben diaz nélson semedo rafael
warrior reuben neves joão moutinho bernardo silva bruno fernandes gonçalo
guedes and we have that second for me is composed by rui patrício nelson
birth the foot by ruben diaz rafa warrior and an oak pereira bruno
fernandes bernardo silva cristiano ronaldo and joão félix de barros here is the
only make last no letter to put any of the ways here already
so some more compounds are just missing one like this and finally at five
insert a we have just an instant that I akhmetov wonder that switzerland we have some
thing around here edmilson fernandes other 206 goes here to Ricardo’s side
rodrigues the game here is now part of the psd frames there will only come out of
milan of those who and then here the denis zakaria the middle
borussia monchen bar red and by last we have here the adjective increase the
advanced seems to advance exactly is launched and this goes here for our sake
known another just plays the benfica the aries aries aries aries server which
switzerland are the two bases and chico is missing uncertain and
the subject that passes is only Nordic of sweden 318 here felipe she walks the
central who still think plays in bologna after which a special letter we have
here mikael lustig a fan serving that were 2008 319 goes here to the side
from our well-known victor winderlof one
ah because augustinsson the non-defense midfielder also from sweden here a ladder
also sweden and lastly we have here so this you
want extreme that is the victor who take the 331 goes here to the waze side
place and wesson sir more or less three urges at least and misses all
three and one two three four five on ok basis why turkey already
we have enough will also develop which is one of the actions is more is composed
after this update this this we have ian 316 here goes here and then ok I can’t ok afterwards we are
here so a hole fever fans here and the but the veteran use to control whether
everything is the 348 goes here and with you can see if they will only be missing
four cards two base and two specials the symbol and the team the starting eleven
ukraine we don’t have a lot has just here you create dear ones of rock don’t know
pronounce my name his just I’m not walking mistakes is here as you
you can also see it’s the damn thing seasons we have almost no one we have
enkulu is paid but still the most do not go ahead and here we have the team the Wales we have then of class
in this you will know was one of players who have to be with the
euro2016 from the team guys i’m loved final that asks portugal and here we have
in a few everything just two cards being three of them are insert and one that i already
start to hate let’s take about five times that the protection or should load
seriously I already have my right months of letters from dragon xl
and then go to sleep for the letters where we have the words
then we started with the defensive goals from paris i’m sorry 391 jordan
pickford oe rui patrício 396 goes here without
take your phone out of your place and also so five out of nine the ghost operates
after patients that after defense rock that of this category I think it is
contain more we have here to the royale the tottenham defense
victor lindelof 405 the and here we have the 401 that then the
leonardo bonucci goes here beside the take and only two to go ah, here from here because we don’t have
none for now we have this thing four ericsson pulp sebastian larsson
itaú and we go here to go maching we tend to add lukaku here to the
starling and memphis depay 415 and is our first stopper goal I like
some yes I’m sorry I’m working today and leon players and the multiple don’t
we have nothing new with one said a little we have the one next door we have the perry
ocenco hits because we have here some multiple covers we have here from the uol of
belgium italy netherlands we have here a thousand myth in front of marten croatia because
we have a wedding from germany and take here in the england trio after
clowns teams let’s add here bulgaria 453 in 455 what is hungary what’s up
the 457 which is the iceland snakes can see in this
moment is like this hi hi get here our team right the romanian team 463 goes here hi and our last base love letter is
that the 15 the last card which is 468 goes Stop here what’s up
o and we finished this letter insertion update then we have a limit
in that Lucas Hernandez I’m going to elite teams 1
the map I wait just sitting this creation of my binder see you hair
2013 liked not doing that mega like renew yourself and stop dating if my
for you all enjoyed it stay well stick around having made a name is a
the mayor is

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