Update Ranking BWF Terbaru 2019 Setelah Macau Open 2019

In this video we will discuss ranking updates The latest badminton BWF ranking week 45 November 5, 2019 We will see more… Who’s player this week up the rank And down the rank And The last tournament to enter the ranking this time At Macau Open 2019 BWF Level Super 300 let’s just start From.. Men’s Singles…Top 10 filled by The first rank is filled by Kento MoMota From Japan. Then followed Chinese Taipei Chou Tien Chen to be our discussion here is … is there a change in the top 10..? does anyone come out of the top 10 Or occurred a change Up and down the rank…ok. 3rd rank Stay Chen Long same as last week while in rank 4 there is a change that is Shi Yu Qi Still from China, even though he was injured because his track record before he was injured Was good so the points are still high for other players to pursue to out from Top 10 He also Runner Up Macau Open 2019 BWF Super 300 The point up Coz’ the tournament. so he succeeded in the world’s top 4 Then 5th rank Anders Antonsen down 1 rating caused by Shi Yu Qi to rise by two ranks Next.. 6th Rank Victor Axelsen Down 1 rating, caused by Shi Yu Qi to rise by two ranks before And…this is rank 7th & 8th Wo..? (Blue Jersey Man) *(laughing…) our Idol and a million idol Jonathan Christie and Anthony Sinisuka Ginting. That’s Right. Then.. 9th rank, Ng Ka Long Angus and ranked tenth Srikant Kidambi from India. while in the top 100 other Indonesian players… Who is Wo (blue Jersey)? 16th place is Tommy Sugiarto Next… Shesar Hiren Rhustavito after that ranked 59th Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo * (blue jersey mispronounced it) corrected by Rahul (pink shirt) * (using native language while laughing) rank 59 is Chico, rank 63 is Word Rank 68 is Ihsan who has declared his resignation from Pelatnas PBSI (Indonesian badminton association) He’s Rank Still on Top 100 (Ihsan) Then on rank 90… Ihsan Leonardo Imanuel RUMBAY And.. That’s enough, top 100 SONY DWI KUNCORO (bronze Olympic Athens 2004) outside the top 100 BWF Yes.. we can just discuss it to the top 100 Women’s Singles… This week… Stiay Nozomi Okuhara Player From Japan Looks like there hasn’t been a change in the Top 10 Women’s Singles. but … that we will see The following week, week 46 (next week) We see together. How’s An Se Young’s “Rising Star” progress Because he was ranked 11th in the world this week. In my opinion, he will … On Top 10 We will see later.. The first rank Nozomi Okuhara, 2nd rank 2 Tai Tzu Ying 3th Rank Chen Yu Fei, 4th Rank Akane Gamaguchi and 5th Rank Intanon Then sixth rank who’s there Wo? 6th Rank Pusarla V Shindu the former 2019 world champion Then followed by He Bing Jiao ranked 7th. 8th place Michelle Li. Ranks 9th Saina Nehwal and 10th position Carolina Marin Although the injury is still in the top 10. Because he was injured for a long time since the final of Indonesia Masters 2019 Now we see Indonesian players Which is in the top 100. The highest position is still the former junior world champion 2017.. Gregoria Mariska Tunjung what rank she is?? rating 25 “Grego” has been ranked 14th, huh? Correct. Because he had entered the semifinals in the super 750 tournament ranked 27th there is fitriani Since becoming the Thailand Masters 2019 champion. then keep going down,.. skydiving… There is Ruselli a journalist ranked 35 in the world Even though at the Macau Open 2019 he defeated Zhang Beiwen Actually good. We will see later… 52nd, there is his son Coach Reony Mainaky. Lyanny Alessandra Mainaky Yes. This is always in the tournament. BL (badminton lovers)… Yes. This is always in the tournament. BL (badminton lovers)

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