UPDATE | Youth Baseball Bat Standard (USABat) | 2018 Rule Change Explained

There have been many questions about the new
rule change for youth baseball. But here at JustBats.com, we’re going to make
it easy for you to understand. USA Baseball, the national governing body
for the sport of baseball in the United States has released a new method for measuring bat
performance for testing youth baseball bats. This new standard creates more wood like performance
in youth bats. Effective January 1st, 2018, all youth players
in AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie, Little League, and Pony will be required to use youth
bats with the USA Bat certified logo. USSSA will NOT be affected by the rule change. But, the new bats will be allowed for USSSA
play. Our customer coaches are available 24/7 to
help you with any youth baseball bat questions. It’s as easy as that! Just make sure your little all-star has a
youth bat with a USA bat stamp so that it’s legal for play. For more information, check out JustBats.com. And remember, we’re here for you from click
to hit!

5 thoughts on “UPDATE | Youth Baseball Bat Standard (USABat) | 2018 Rule Change Explained

  1. Well the truth is they all cheat and u know it ,,,now l tell the whole world of this sickness of all these coaches. ….home town teams also cheat with shaved bats.

  2. And here I am thinking shaving bats was just a slow pitch thing sad to hear it mad it’s way down to little league!

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