URI Coach Joe Augustine makes 500th Hockey Win

Twenty-four years ago Joe Augustine became the head coach of the URI Men’s hockey team. On January 4, 2013, Coach Augustine reached a major milestone and earned his 500th win, in a 5-3 victory over West Chester University. Making him only the 3rd coach in the history of URI Varsity Athletics or Club Sports to reach this milestone. (Clapping and Cheering) Joe Augustine: You know that you’re approaching that number actually even before the season starts, but you’re really not doing the math because you’re really taking one game at a time, so I didn’t realize until about minute left and I knew the game was in hand, we were counting down the last minute where I realized that that was 500. I came here 24 years ago because of the potential I saw in the program. I keep seeing the potential every year. I can see what we can do here but we just have to keep working and thriving towards that. Hopefully other people see that potential also. But that’s what we try to do, we try to do, we try to run a top program here as far as the way we run things and what we expect from our players on and off the ice and in the classroom and how they carry themselves throughout the community. (Cheering) Everything we do, our attitude here, the way we run everything is that we run it like a Varsity program. That’s what we want to do and that our players in the room and our locker room is like a division 1 varsity room, our weight room in the back. We have all the components to have a division 1 team on hand. And that’s the attitude and philosophy we approach our team at. Our guys know it, our staff knows it, everybody involved in this program knows it, and that’s the way we approach things every year. (music) You know, we’re very proud of our program and all the work all our guys. Our program is the student athlete. And they make up our program and the coaching staff and our staff, but that’s what’s behind 500 wins and the success of this program. It’s not just one person, it’s everybody involved, all the players over the years, over the 24 years, and the coaches and the staff. That’s what made this program successful.

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