USA Hockey Teaches a Lifesaving Message About Concussions | Team Up Speak Up

As a coach, you set the culture of your team, even when it comes to concussions. That’s why your players need to hear the Team Up Speak Up Speech coming right from you. Alright you guys we’re a team, and we look out for each other. If you have a concussion, or one of your teammates has a concussion tell the coaches, tell a trainer, help out your teammate. Hockey is for sure the greatest game in the world, and it’s much better when played safely. Team Up Speak Up! Give that Team Up Speak Up Speech and make the game safer for everyone. Team Up Speak Up Team Up Speak Up Look out for your friends and keep them safe. If you think your buddy has a concussion Speak Up. Team Up Speak Up Team Up Speak Up Team Up Speak Up Take the pledge and learn the speech at

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