USA, Japan teams compete in Collegiate Baseball Championship Series

United States and Japan National Collegiate
baseball teams competed in the 43rd Japan-USA Collegiate Baseball Championship Series at
Kizuna Stadium. Reid Detmers, the starting pitcher for team
USA, says coming to Japan and learning their game style gives him a deeper appreciation
for both baseball and Japanese culture. “In between games we talk to each other. We just have fun with it. It’s very cool to meet players from a different
country. Just being around them and knowing their game
style, you learn a lot.” The series consisted of five games, with Iwakuni
being the site for game three. Marine Corps Community Services Special Events
assistant manager Caleb Clark says events like these allow Marine Corps Air Station
Iwakuni residents and local Japanese to exchange each other’s culture. “It builds a close knit bond between the
two communities allowing them to develop as better neighbors. The cool thing about the Kizuna Stadium – it
means ‘bond’, so through sports we bond with our neighbors. Everybody knows the rules. It doesn’t matter what the language is. The rules have already been translated and
you can’t change the rules, so it allows us to just have fun.” Team USA won in Iwakuni with a score of 2-0. Reporting from Iwakuni, Japan, I’m Marine
Private First Class Lennon Dregoiw.

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