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If already didn’t know this, I’m pretty obsessed with hockey. And today’s assignment sends me to Gangneung Hockey Center to watch Japan and USA battle it out in para ice hockey. And I am so pumped. Here we are. This stadium is incredible. And I can’t wait to get inside. *music* *cheering* They just went up, one – nothing. Hey! America just scored the first goal and it is one – nothing seconds into the first period. The Americans are rowdy in the stands. I’m going to go try to hunt some down. *music* USA just scored one of the sickest hockey goals that I’ve ever seen. The board is now three – nothing Team USA. Couple minutes left in the first. Wow. *cheering* I’m here with the Grove family there son just scored the third goal of the first period. And it was a beauty. How do you guys feel? Awesome! First goal for the first Paralympics. Truly amazing. Awesome. And any words of advice for your son when he goes out there for the next period? Keep working. Good things happen when you shoot. It is now 9 – nothing to USA. Brody Roybal just got his third of the game and that’s a hat trick. I love the Paralympic Games because though we are Team USA and Team Japan *music* Crazy out here! Woo! *cheering* Wow! My ears! My ears! 3 – 2- 1! *cheering* So I caught up with Spencer here who is the brother of Brody Roybal who scored four goals in today’s match. The US won 10 to nothing against Japan. How did it feel to see your brother get four big goals for you today for USA? It was amazing to see him compete along with the rest of the team. Really glad that they are going strong this year. Game 1 of Sunday’s triple header is complete. As United States dominates Japan 10 to nothing. Brody Roybal’s scores four goals and goal center for United States Lee stops two shots to keep his shut out.

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