USA, welcome to Hockey Republic | Visit and enjoy Košice

Russians used it. Oh, that makes it sexier. Thanks. Hey Alan, thanks for waiting.
You’re from United States, right? I am. – Where from?
– From Mississippi. Oh, I love Mississippi. So, this is called Hrnčiarska ulica. Try to pronounce it. Oh, that’s evil.
Hrnčiarska ulica. Okay. It’s called pottery street.
You remember when Stanley cups were made out of clay? – The old school cups, yes, I like those.
– The old school. They were all made right here. Then, they turned to metal, it’s more durable, you know. – It’s a good idea.
– Oh yeah. So, Alan, please, can you invite all the Americans to come to Košice to see the Americans play the World Championship? Absolutely guys, let’s come… Alan, Alan, I will just stop you.
But you’ve got to do it with the mouthguard. Guys, let’s get over here! Let’s support our voice and come to Košice. It’s a beautiful country where beer costs a dollar. You can have a great time. See you here in May! Cheers, thank you!

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