Use This Throwing Program for Pitchers Today – I’ll Walk You Through It

What’s up! Coach Dan Blewett here–today I
have a free throwing program for pitchers. this is for you coaches for
you parents for your players if you don’t know what to do because your
season is stalled obviously everyone’s season to shut down right now you can
download this program from me for free at — — the link
is also in the video description below here on YouTube. So this program is gonna
be step-by-step you can follow it exactly you can make it your own this is
for healthy pitchers only so if you’re ready to go your arm feels good feel
free to download this print it out and use with your team or use it yourself
leave a comment below if you need help interpreting it I’m gonna go through it
completely right here I’m gonna give you this video is full instructions I had to
use this throwing program but if you have questions you wanna know how to
tailor it whatever leave a comment below and let me know what you’re throwing
needs are and we can do this kind of together so there’s been a lot of videos
with a lot of good information out there I want to give you my version of a very
specific thing you can actually use not just general guidelines which I’ve given
some everyone’s given some so stick around please follow the CDC guidelines
your local guidelines be safe don’t run and grab your nearest seven baseball
buddies and start doing this throwing I want you to be safe and follow health
guidelines first and then if you can find a safe way to throw and you can
feel free to use my program all right now further ado let’s jump in I’m gonna
explain how to do this what’s up okay so let’s go through this
we’re gonna start with who this program is for and this is only for pitchers who
are healthy so if you’re rehabbing or if you’ve had pain this is not the program
for you this is for everyone who was ready to go and then had to back off a
seat because the season was canceled so again this is not for pitchers with pain
or health issues if you’re not a hundred percent talk to your doctor or someone
local to supervise you so let’s go over now the intent of this
program so this one is basically we’re trying to get you within two weeks when
you hear the starting gun for the season so if you get through two weeks of this
program you’ll be two weeks from ready to go essentially this is going to give
you the structure to throttle up and throttle down with your throwing so any
good throwing progression any good throwing program is going to give you
structure and this is going to give you a lot of that we don’t want you to go
basically a month without throwing and then try to pick up a ball and start
back up and hopefully we I mean we hope the seasons not shutdown that long but
if it is you hopefully finish week four which would be the best part that
build-up or week five before your first game so here’s week one of throwing so
you’re gonna see four days that are on so one two four and five day three is
off days six and seven are off we’ll talk about all these real quick so long
toss drill a six to eight throws forty feet you’ll see all these are structured
in that same way number of throws and a distance after that move your feet this
could be a crow hop this could be a sort of running throw a pitchers crop
whatever you want obviously we’re doing long toss I don’t recommend that you
bomb it out throwing huge high arc grenades 240 feet is a pretty decent
recommendation where you can still throw the ball on a line imagine you’re now
fielder and you’re throwing a cuttable missile trying to catch a runner at the
plate or third base um like that so you’re free to do long how long toss how
you want to do long toss I don’t personally believe in it throwing it
super high up into the sky trying to throw as far as you can
I believe in throwing sort of cuttable outfielder style in game throws work on
carry throw the crap out of the ball but you don’t need to be bringing the rain
so 240 feet might be a high school or a college guy throwing it out
line if you’re a younger guy that number might be a hundred to ten it might be to
180 it might be 150 if you’re 10 11 12 you whatever just back up slowly be
smart about it to your max then you can hang out there for a little bit and then
again move your feet whether it’s a crow hop just being athletic 15 throws to
come back in so reducing your distance down to 60 feet after that say quick
break do a flat ground you’ll see a flat ground day one on day two and day five
you’re gonna go from your wind up 10 to 15 throws half speed effort all pitches
glove side third of the plate arm side through the plate when you throw a flat
ground you’re working on your pitch ability your location your command
you’re spinning all your pitches throwing the ball down hill to a partner
who’s giving you a target on his left kneecap or his right kneecap which is
basically to represent the third of the plate on one side or the other after
your 10 to 15 from the wind up do 10 to 15 from the stretch
same thing repeat that’s what a flack round is every pro reliever does that
almost every day per week this is a staple part of long tall sessions as you
finish up or during catch okay so day to catch same thing drill ABC those are
your drills what makes you good what keeps you on track what helps your
mechanics stay consistent you’re gonna insert whatever drills you like to do
these could be from a YouTube channel if you have a question shoot me a comment
ask me well you know by email whatever you want but this is your structure in
general after that again move your feet go out to 150 if you wanna go a little
farther it’s fine if you don’t want to go that far that’s fine this is up to
you this is sort of your recovery day grab a drink
flat ground again spin your stuff throw downhill go through your mechanics
become a better pitcher in your last twenty to thirty day three you’re gonna
be off day for fifty percent effort bullpen
obviously fifty percent effort doesn’t really mean 50 percent velocity it means
fifty percent effort which studies have shown it’s about 70 percent of velocity
that’s okay this should just be very easy low effort
you’ll see the mound effort indicated right there let’s go through this real
quick W you wind up for fast balls middle W wind up for fast balls
alternating arms side glove side third of the plate so
that’s not quite on the black but close to the black wind up for change ups
middle right down the middle to plate wind up to fast balls one arm side one
glove side on the third all these numbers here are total pitches so you’re
not gonna throw two fast balls to the arm side to the glove side it’s two
total you’re all total numbers for breaking balls down the middle that
could be your chain or your curveball your slider wind up to fastball again
arm side glove side sit down and then we’re going to go from the St the
stretch to fast balls middle to glove side to arm side for change ups to
fastball to each third for breaking balls middle and then eight garbage time
garbage time is just my term for what wasn’t that good today or what you just
want to work on more maybe your changeup stunk so throw six changeups down here
maybe you weren’t good to your arm side so throw an extra couple arm side fast
balls work on what you’re not good at not what not what’s gonna stroke your
ego and make you feel good about yourself work on what wasn’t good in
your last eight and this is 40 pitches total day five we’re repeating day one
for long toss real simple day six and seven do some other baseball Shiva tees
play wall ball have a backyard game go take ground balls to go take fly balls
hit off the tee whatever you can throw if you want just make it a non
structured baseball activity have fun do baseball things but I’m not going to
give you extra days of structured throwing have fun be an athlete so week
two very similar the biggest changes you’re gonna see here we’ve added a
second bullpen so mound effort on this one is 75% mound
effort on your first one is 50% okay week three 75% bullpen 90% bullpen first
set 75% effort which is probably gonna be about 85 to 90% of your velocity
second second half of the bullpen from the stretch you can go 75 to 90% if you
want and that is perfectly okay so you know zooming in here 75 to 90% that’s up
to you but just don’t blow it out we’re trying to build up and we’re also trying
to use this as a template to throttle back
all right so Dave for long toss this hasn’t changed catch has not changed 90%
90% on the bullpen here week four 90% 90% a hundred percent a hundred percent
week five ninety a hundred you know there’s just kind of getting a little
more to warm up if you don’t want to throw a full speed then don’t listen to
your arm always listen to your body first 100% 100% so if you get through
week five you’ve gotten let’s see one two three workouts at full speed right
if you can have hitter stand in wonderful if not so be it so after week
five if the season’s ready to begin don’t you know you through them day five
you should be ready to throw in your first game on the next Tuesday which
would be damp Game two if you went Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Saturday Sunday these are labeled as one two three four five six seven because it
doesn’t have to follow that pattern if you start this program on a Wednesday
then Wednesday is your day one three off days before your first game this is
gonna prepare you to throw 30 to 50 pitches in your first outing I do not
believe in 80 90 pitch bullpens that stuff is just you’re not going to get in
game shape except except by being in games so prepare yourself these are all
40 pitch bullpens prepare yourself to throw 40 pitches out of the gate 30 to
50 is probably fine you’ll obviously there are warm-ups before the game and
then that’s what you’re gonna be expected to do and then you’re gonna
have to build up in the game there is no substitute for real game throwing so
after that if you get to week 5 and we’re not at the season yet which we
don’t know what’s gonna happen here’s what you’re gonna do ask yourself how
you feel if you’re good you’ve no problems your arm feels good start back
over at week three that does mean you’re gonna throttle back week three you’re
gonna go back to 75% effort and then build back up to 90 you’re not gonna
lose anything I just don’t want you to hold throwing full-speed bullpens every
week into the unknown when we don’t know what’s gonna happen so back off if you
want to give yourself a little rest like four or five days off go back to week
three just throttle back a little bit and then throttle back up that way if
the next week the season starts you’re still pretty much ready to go like you
threw full speed the previous week had an easy week and now you can just
kind of almost jump back in and that’s you know surely there’s not gonna be
like hey we’re starting our first game tomorrow guess what no there’s gonna be
like hey you know we got to go ahead our first games in five days our first games
in a week whatever it is so you’re gonna have some amount of planning so we don’t
have to be ready to go every single day so throttle back a little bit if you
just feel okay take four additional days off give yourself a little rest then
start back up a week to one week one to two so week one or two you might say oh
man I only back to the beginning but this isn’t a beginner program that much
this is still a good amount of throwing this is still a bullpen or if you want
to start jump back to week two that’s okay just listen to your body and
understand that the season might suddenly be in full swing and it might
get long in a hurry if you feel bad pain in your arm or otherwise stop and see a
doctor all right don’t push through pain ever
when you’re throwing so that’s it be smart be safe listen to your body and
adjust this program as you see fit you can contact me if you need help please
leave a comment on social media if you want to download this program this
program is available for you. download it in the youtube link below or
go to Okay? You can
download your copy this for free it does add you to my email list but I
just send out emails like when I make new videos like this so I think you’ll
like him anyway again be smart about your throwing this is fully customizable
if you want to throw more or you want to throw less if you want to do a different
drill if this is going to be four throws and the next one’s gonna be twelve
throws make it your own but these are all reasonable throwing volumes this is
a reasonably good template that if I was your coach this is what I would probably
prescribe to you today that’s why I created this so again the biggest things
listen to your body be safe be smart and adjust this to make it work for you

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  1. Great stuff Dan! My 12yr old has been training all winter and was all ready to start the season before everything was shut down. I’m gonna use this as a guideline to get him back into a throwing program.Thanks for sharing!👍

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