USF Health CAMLS Prepares Emergency Responders With A Hockey Simulation

Hello, how are you doing? Not saying anything. Not saying anything? We may have to get an airway on this guy, so let’s get ready to roll him. The purpose of today’s training was to train emergency physicians, Tampa Fire-Rescue, and the team trainers for the Tampa Bay Lightning in how to respond to on-ice emergencies for hockey players who get injured. Inflate it for me. Did you guys feel like that’s where we wanted to be? It’s a great relationship with our organization, Mr. Vinik, and USF and the CAMLS institute. We’re extremely lucky to have them nearby, literally in our backyard, to utilize this simulator and kind of take it to the next level, real-life situations. CPR. CPR. CPR. This is real exciting for us to be involved in this, from my understanding, maybe there’s only one other simulation center to actually partner with a major hockey team to do training for their doctors. So, we’re excited to do more. The one common theme I kept hearing tonight was, ‘what a great experience.’

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