Using Only One Color in Hide and Seek! – challenge

hey guys we’re back and today we have a
special guest drumroll please Colton yeah Colton I love him and today we’re playing hide-and-see in your color and I’m gonna win no [crickets chirping] well if you win you get a toy at Costco I love lego sets and there are lots of Christmas toys there and I and there are
lots of LEGO sets and I really want to get a Lego set we have like 10,000 LEGO
sets for me [music] rock paper scissors who goes first no not
you not you yet rock paper scissors shoot rock paper scissors shoot ah, Colton rock paper scissors shoot oh, I won I won I won guys I won now they have to pick their colors Colton first Colton first no okay Colton close your eyes and pick a color and pick a paper only one ok let’s see what
you got Colton and daddy have to hide in a white
spot oh Colton that’s the best color for you to hide yeah you got the best color Colton I have gotten oh man blue? come on now
they’re barely any hiding spots that are blue [evil laugh] just in case you’re trying hear us and
press them down please press em down I need a timer okay we’ve got three minutes okay guys we gotta find something blue okay upstairs we go good eye in this but that’s too obvious you would
see a big lump in here oh blue blanket I have to get in this right now shhhhhhh this is perfect Colton we have three minutes let’s go
find a white spot to hide Colton how about right here want to go in there I already got white I I want to do a different color now gonna hide in um um um um a in here okay okay
you have to cover yourself up okay hey you can go behind these curtains wanna go behind the curtains? go back there here hold the phone hold the phone k now stand right there and I’ll close the curtains behind you stay right there okay okay I got three minutes [upbeat music] ouchie [upbeat music] no one in there [upbeat music] no one in there [upbeat music] someone’s behind the curtains it moved Colton [laughing] I knew it was Colton because it was white Brinley scared me she scared you [upbeat music] anything blue in here [upbeat music] not in here okay [upbeat music] I hear them coming here they come ummm is he in here? [upbeat music] nope he’s not in here where is he? there’s blue stuff in here [upbeat music] where is he? oh my gosh, oh my gosh we have to move quick there’s only three minutes [upbeat music] nope [upbeat music] oh here hi Weston ah dang it yeah number two and
Colton and mom are seeking [crickets chirping] okay let me pick [pretend crying] ha ha this one yes I got purple the first time yes I really wanted purple my first time oh my gosh yes yes I know exactly where I’m hiding [crickets chirping] okay I’ll pick next [crickets chirping] Brown!!! where the heck is there any place in this house that’s brown? um, like everywhere everything in this house is brown um like in the wall you can hide behind you can hide behind
the chairs like you did with the blanket [crickets chirping] so I’ll be too obvious okay not that I know of Colton it’s your turn to have the headphones on with
mommy I don’t want them you have the small headphones the poppy headphones and mommy has the teal
ones okay let’s go Colton I have three minutes you guys the only thing that’s purple in our
house is upstairs let’s go [playful music] see it’s this pillow it’s huge okay let’s hide under it [playful music] okay we need to find some place brown this is brown but it’s too much out in the open [playful music] oh wait this is the perfect hiding spot come on yeah I can just like Oh like do this and
squeeze in come on yeah, this is the perfect hiding spot I can not believe it [playful music] this is perfect I have four minutes to find them come on [playful music] go quick you gotta find Weston’s under
something brown and brinley’s under something purple [playful music] let’s go upstairs [playful music] they’re not in there [playful music] uh – oh [sneaky music] they’re in here [screams] found you Wow good job they found me guys I don’t know
he’s somewhere downstairs something brown Colton somewhere Brown where you think
Colton let’s go downstairs you were gonna look up downstairs no
she’s not down there yeah I saw him stay down there he stayed down there come on let’s go I see his toes can you see? can you see where he is? [playful music] Oh [playful music] ah come on so guys I won the first round because both of those were found under the three
minutes and he won the second round yeah that’s how it works I got that’s how we’re doing it okay Colton, pick I got pink what does it say it says let me look at it oh gray, it says gray Oh me okay so now let’s go seek guys I
know just where to hide and I got the color pink let’s go [playful music] it’s in my room again we’re gonna hide
behind these ha ha okay [playful music] Oh go in Mama’s bed those sheets are gray go in Mama’s bed and hi those are gray that’s not gray that’s blue here I’ll
put my sweatshirt over you that’s gray okay there you are you’re hiding been
three minutes let’s go {music and singing and dancing] okay gray gray gray where could it be gray definitely not down here oh these weren’t closed excuse me ah come on basically grayish what yeah [upbeat music] here they come [screams] ah ha he found me okay let’s go find Colton I don’t even know where he’s hiding Weston, I don’t even know where he’s hiding that is so obvious get up ya bum you already found me that means that I’m the seeker now both of you lost I’m the winner of this round I found them in under like 30 seconds but now to my turn to seek okay so I’m winning three two one no two to one two one pick a color pick a color you picked that one? okay let me open it you got green your favorite color yeah I got teal NOOOOOOOO!!! you could hide behind the curtains oh come on and now it’s time to seek okay guys so we are going to eat a little snack while we’re waiting it’s a sucker it’s a sucker ya sucka okay ya gotta find someplace teal curtains are
too obvious let’s go [playful music] wait my teal laundry basket [playful music] okay so I’m gonna get in my laundry basket it is a very very good place to hide I’m just gonna stand up in it and then shut the door I have three minutes and if I loose Weston wins the game [upbeat music] let’s go up here [upbeat music] uhhhh hummmmm Colton? [laughing] gotcha ah you already found me your hat oh okay let’s go find Weston [upbeat music] I know nope not in there let’s go over here let’s go in here [upbeat music] is he somewhere close not telling [upbeat music] let’s go over here anything teal in here open the closet we found you wait ah dang it there’s nothing teal in there my laundry basket, I was standing in it but Weston didn’t win so okay okay guys so it’s a
tiebreaker so we have to put all the colors back in the bowl because
we only have one color left and now me and Colton are hiding and hopefully I don’t
get purple because that was a hard hiding spot it was hard to hide what purple I know where I’m hiding Colton got gray again we both go these colors I don’t want gray what about this one make up your mind child white yeah my favorite color no your your second your favorite color is red red I tell you red no his favorite color is green no actually green then then black then white right let’s go Idaho let’s go Idaho so guys me and Colton are hiding together now and because my bed is
purple and white Colton come here let’s go hide come on let’s go go let’s go let’s go okay get up there get under quick [playful music] okay if I win this I win the whole thing and I’m very good at seeking just so you know between us remember earlier I found both of them in under a minute okay did Colton hide in something brown? I don’t know okay let’s just look in every possible
place for any sign of intelligent life in this place [upbeat music] okay he might be over here but not probable [upbeat music] and remember I only need to find Brinley because Colton’s out Colton stop stop moving okay guys we are someones coming okay so Brinley’s hiding somewhere in here [screams] [laughing] okay okay you found me I won look it who’s with me I won I won [cheering] my bed is white too did he win so guys just so you know we are gonna
record getting Westons toy just so you know
and now and I am the ultimate hide-and-seeker what kind of toy am I gonna get see if you can guess in the comments below bye and also comment down below if you want us to do another hide-and-seek
video okay bye bye bye we’ll see you at Costco people just checking this out okay I’m not going to get this so I’ll look for a book I’m getting a book let’s go [playful music] what are you looking for I’m looking for the bad guys collection the
entire collection but you already have the entire collection no you only need one more book are nine of them Brinley I only have four of them need five more come over here I think I might have found something I might like I’ve heard of Wings of Fire it’s like really popular these are the grunt these are the three
graphic novel versions of the first three books never read any of them so I
I’ll take the first one graphic novel version okay sounds like
good choice bye bye

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