V1 Murder Case | Ram Arun Castro |ishnupriya Pillai | Best Scene | 4K (English Subtitles )

Shobha? Shobha? You never said your chain went missing
on the day of the murder. I told you, this is not a safe area.
It was only gold covering, so I let it be. How did he look? Turn off the TV! What did you say? He had a kerchief tied around his face.
He kept circling the street. Suddenly, he snatched it away. I was so furious, I pelted a stone.
It hit his cycle hard. But he got away. I didn’t want to bother with the police,
so I let it go. What cycle was he riding? What cycle was he riding? The one with these spikes… Ranger cycle! Mom! It’s a geared cycle, mom.
That’s the one I wanted. Can I come in?
Hi. Give me a glass of water? You’re sure? You mean the kind that shifts gears? Does it have–? The cycle is made of aluminium. Control Shimano gears. Front 80mm. Just Google ‘Ducati 729SX’ You’ll find everything there. I can’t believe my mother pelted
that cycle with a stone! The cassette would have
been bent for sure. A cassette? Yeah, the thing at the back wheel
with all that teeth. It’s a mountain bike. Very cheap.
Only 150 thousand. Everyone at the club
goes trekking in it. Mum, enroll me in the club?
– Let’s go? No, thanks. I think we are nearing him.
Get a list of cycling clubs in Chennai. Wear your helmets. What if he’s not here? Then we’ll go to the next club. But someone who knows the nooks and alleys
of Mogappair is likely to be part of this. Guys, fast!
Tell me. I’m the trek organiser.
How can I help you? We need to meet the members individually
regarding a murder investigation. We need to meet the members individually
regarding a murder investigation. No, that’s not possible.
The kids here are children of big shots. The kind of kids you’re looking for
don’t come here. We’ll decide that.
– Has everyone come in today? You’ve already delayed us by half an hour. This is a police investigation.
If you don’t co-operate, it won’t end well. Watch out.
– Even the IG’s son is here. We have set rules and regulations.
We only organise trainings and trips. We’re not responsible for their
individual actions. Go enquire them at their homes. I won’t allow an investigation here. Agni, what happened?
Is there a problem? Sorry, I guess I interrupted your trek. Two minutes, we’ll finish this fast. A boy who chain-snatched in Mogappair
is among you. We’ll catch him and be on our way. Luna… It’s him.
The fluorescent green T-shirt. Mr. Trainer, I did pay heed to you
and didn’t investigate them individually. He’s the son of a VIP, sir.
He’s not what you think. Oh, yes.
I can tell from the way he runs. Sir, talk to his father first. You’re creating problems for us. Calm down, brother.
– Get in, boy! Are you sure it’s him? Are you sure it’s him? When I was speaking,
everyone else was looking at each other… But he was looking at the ground,
because he’s the one. I’m sure it’s him.
– Move! I haven’t done anything.
Please let me go, ma’am. Shut up! I don’t know anything.
Please let me go. Who are you messing with?
You have no ethics? You may be educated,
but a woman should behave. Why have you dragged in my son? It’s a chain-snatching case. Since he’s a minor, we must interrogate
with his parents around. Do you know who I am?
Do you know what business I’m in? Do you know the people I know? You’re accusing my son of chain snatching? I don’t care who the…. you are.
I shall not swear in front of your son. [swears in Malayalam] What does that mean? Shut up.
[swears in Malayalam] Where were you on September 11th? I don’t know what you’re talking about.
– He says he doesn’t know. You speak to my lawyer.
Let’s go, boy. Wait here. Wait here. Let’s go. You’re leaving already?
Let’s drink some coffee. Hold on.
– I said, let’s go. Why do you yell?
Relax, you can leave. I can’t let your son go.
– Why? He was caught red handed
while chain-snatching. Do you have proof? Check his pocket.
– No, daddy. Why would I do that? No, daddy.
It’s not mine, daddy. This is not mine, sir. I don’t know how it got here.
I swear, it’s not mine. Shut up and sit down. Why do you scold him?
He’s putting a lot of effort into acting. Does it hurt?
Poor boy. He hit you too hard.
I put that chain in your pocket. We convinced your father in two minutes.
It’s not hard to convince others. So tell us. Why did you do it?
– Sir… When we go out of station for trekking,
I need a lot of money to treat my friends. My parents don’t give me enough.
So I do this sometimes. I won’t do this anymore.
Please let me go, sir. So you committed the chain-snatch
on September 11th. Narmada saw you, so you attacked her. I did snatch that lady’s chain. But I know nothing else.
– You know nothing else? What happened after the chain-snatch? That night… That night… I went to pawn it the next day. But I realised only in the pawn shop
that it’s a gold covering. My friends said a girl was murdered there,
so I didn’t go near that area. Is this the man
you bumped against in the dark? I didn’t see his face in the
dark, but he had glasses on. But you said he didn’t see his face
in the dark? His glasses fell down and broke
when I ran into him. While he was searching for it,
I ran away. I know nothing else, ma’am. Can you show us where the glasses broke? Good. You think we’ll find the broken pieces
after so many days? What if he’s cleared it? In the dark? Not a chance.
It rained that night. So the solid particles must be
buried under the sand. It must be somewhere in this area. What do we do with it anyway? What do we do with it anyway? Find the killer. Okay, get going.
I’ll call you once we’re done. Okay, get going.
I’ll call you once we’re done. Luna… Don’t file a case against that kid.
Poor boy. But let his father know that his life
will be ruined if he does this again. And warn the pawn shop guy. Luna… They’ve recovered 72 pieces of glass. 72? Superb. Send this to lab without delay.
I’ll see the report tomorrow. How can we ready report for so many pieces
by tomorrow? – But we need it. You heard her. Get to work.
– Yeah, quick. Guys, of all the pieces we searched,
only this was a power lens. It’s a -4 short sight lens. This man cannot function
without this lens. Did you conduct a DNA profiling? No, since it was buried in the sand,
we could only collect this report. Excuse me, sir. Sam is adamant
that she must see her father. We don’t know how to console her. Either we must tell her the truth… or at least you must tell her. Tell us what to do? These glasses belong
to a girl called Sagi. A woman? But the boy said he ran into a man. Do you have an address, sir? Address? One minute. Please understand.
I can’t come today. You say that every time. I’ll call you back, madam. Okay. Thank you, alright. These glasses were received by Sagi. But the order for replacement glasses
was placed by… guess who…?
– Who, sir? Avinashi. What, Agni? Are you still supporting
that boy Avinashi? You call me so many times,
what can I do? Understand my situation. What can I do?
– No, one minute– How can I tell her I’m the reason
her father died? I’ll come anyway. Bye. What do we do now, Agni?
We have proof that he did it. There’s a chance that he’s done it. I don’t know if he’s brilliant
or I’m careless. Sam?
– Yeah. I’ll handle Avinashi.
You go ahead. Avinashi is still here, right?
– We sent him away long ago, ma’am. Who’s gone for surveillance?
– I was supposed to go. What are you doing here then? Go!
– Okay, ma’am. Sorry.

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