Vampire Bat Attacks!! Scary Kids Stories for Halloween 2019 | Gorgeous Movies

(knocking and squealing) (knocking) (squealing) – Ew, what are you? (squealing) (breathing heavily) (squealing) (upbeat music) (squealing) Hello little fella. There’s no need to be scared. (growling) (purring) (growling) (squealing) Please be my friend. I’ve always wanted a pet. (purring) – What on earth is that? – It’s my pet bat, he
just came from the window. – A rat, or a bat? – I think it’s a bat. It fly’s and everything. – A bat? – It’s either a bat, or a flying rat. – A flying rat? – No, no, I think it’s a bat. – Then put it back out
the window you idiot. – No, it’s my new pet. Don’t be scared Harry. He doesn’t bite. (growling) (screaming) Would you like some food? (growling) (purring) (squealing and grunting) You’re a naughty pet. (grunting) (squealing) Stay. (grunting) Good boy. Ah, no, no, no! Eat up, you must be very,
very, very, very hungry. There, there, now my little friend. This is where you and I will be sleeping. Don’t worry. You won’t be cold. (squealing and grunting) Calm down little bat, it
will be nice and warm here. (screaming) What? – The bat, he’s in your bed. – He’s my pet, he’s sleeping with me. – Daniel, that is weird. – Quiet Harry, he’s trying to sleep. – Daniel, that’s disgusting. Bats are disgusting and you’re disgusting. (squealing) (toothbrush buzzing) (ominous music) (squealing) (screaming) (screaming) Get it off, get it off, get it off! No! He’s attacking me! (screaming) (growling) – Harry? Harry? Harry? Are you alright little bat, are you alright? Are you okay little bat? (squealing) (grunting) – I’m so tired. I just want a bed. What are you lookin’ at? (grunting) (grunting) – Harry, why are you waking me up? And you’re waking my bat up. (growling) Harry, what have you done to your hair? (growling) What are you wearing? (growling) Harry what has happened to your, t-t-t-t-t-teeth! Teeth! (dramatic music) (screaming) – What are you doing Daniel? – I don’t know. I thought maybe you were scared of red. – I’m not scared of anything, only garlic. – Stand back, I’ve got garlic in my hand. (grunting) Haha, not really! (screaming and grunting) – Oh yeah, it was just a dream! (squealing) – No batty! No! If you’re new, subscribe and check out some of our other scary videos. Click on all of these! Watch all of them! And click on our scary playlist. Wait do we have one? – [Man] Yeah. – Click on our scary playlist!

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