Varca Beach Goa | Varca Beach South Goa | White Sand Beach in Goa | South Goa Beach

White Sand Calm Beach Longest Beach Strech of Goa Welcome to Varca beach Welcome to Explore with namit channel, I am Namit Please Subscribe and don’t forget to press bell icon From this video we are adding a new feature, Rating of Beach destination. Please watch till end for Rating Lets see where is varca beach Varca beach is in south goa of India And it is situated in longest beach stretch of Goa Sea Stretch is around 30kms, which is quite long. You can see some shops on main road After that you can find way to beach. Now we reached beach and one can see white and soft sand of beach This is Varca beach Lets see some clips and overall view As this is less crowded one can always get a feeling of private beach here Water sports is also available here Food is also available here You can find some good beach shacks here Our personal recommendation is Evisha Beach shack, Food is good here Before beach rating, lets see how to reach It is around 9 km from Madgaon railway station And around 31 km from Goa Airport You can rent a bike/car or take cab to reach here Lets start with Beach Rating for Varca Beach Lets start with Sand Sand is white, soft and it is one of the best beach sand of goa That’s why we have given it 8 smiles 🙂 Now lets see Water I went in winter season water was good that time, that’s why we have given it 7 Smiles 🙂 Lets move into Beauty This beach is in long sea stretch of South Goa And it is surrounded by greenery That’s why we have given it 6 Smiles 🙂 Finally move into Overall Rating Every beach of Goa is having different flavour So Varca beach due to Clean, calm and less crowded Is liked mostly by peace loving people 7 Smiles to it 🙂 Every rating is on our personal experience, it may possible your experience may differ. We hope you liked our new feature and video 🙂 So this is first beach of our Goa series Please Subscribe to see more videos like this. Thanks For Watching

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