Varsity Sports: Three-time OUA Championship twins talk field hockey

Hello, my name is Daniel Samuel, I’m the
Sports Editor for The Varsity. Earlier today we spoke with twins Hilary and Emily Ziraldo,
members of our three-time OUA winning Field Hockey Team. So how did you guys start playing field hockey?
When did you guys start? At what age? -Well we were going to grade nine and our
older sister played for our high school team, so she kind of got us into it. -Did you guys play multiple sports or was
it just field hockey? -We both, uh, did a bunch of sports in high
school, we played competitive volleyball when we were in like Grade 8, so then played that
in high school as well and we both ran track and field for a few years. -Just going into last season with the OUA
Championship. I know Emily scored the game winning goal. Can you take us through that
experience what was going through your mind? -I’m not a prolific goalscorer, so it was
a bit different for me, coach um, put me in forward and it was kind of a risky move, but
I guess it paid off, my friend just past me the ball, and I just swung. -What has been the key to your team’s success? -There’s been like a lot of turnover with
players and stuff but we still play the same way. The structure of the team, we pass a
lot and that hasn’t changed since I’ve been here or since the program started. So
I think that’s the most effective thing, our passing. -Yeah we call it Varsity Blues hockey, it’s
like you come in, it’s a way of playing and then it’s enforced by the coach, we play
as a team it’s not like individuals and I think that just really helps us our success. -In terms of changeover from last year to
this year, I know Allison Lee left the team and she I know she led your team in goal scoring
last year. How do you guys accumulate her goal total? How do you guys make up for that? -Well like Allison is obviously like a great
player, she’s with the national team right now, so she’s like a great role model for
all of us and she’s someone who we look up to. So I guess to make up for her goal
scoring tally, it’s more like spread out throughout the team this year, like we have
some great forwards coming in like Anna Costanzo, she’s a great goal scorer and some of our
older forwards like the returning girls are looking to pick that more up and obviously
me I play defense and midfield but I’m looking to score more as well. -What do you think the toughest part about
being injured has been? Just not being out there with your teammates? -Yeah, l being injured is, I haven’t really
experienced injuries too much before and this one’s a little bit frustrating because there’s
nothing really wrong with me but the toughest part is yeah watching and not being able to
help. Like this weekend against Guelph, all I wanted to do was jump on the field but you
know it’s not an option. -I know that obviously this year winning the
OUA championship is the goal. How do you guys think that you can achieve that? -As you said, we lost some really big people
from last year, so it really is just like a team game, we got a new coach and were just
like adapting to the change in like the style a bit and figuring out what he wants us to
do and getting everyone on that same page is probably our biggest challenge. -For us winning the OUA championships that’s
like great, but that’s never the end goal, like winning USports is always the end goal.
I’ve never done that since I’ve been here so we do see the OUA’s, but it’s just
like another step on the road. I don’t know our team culture is that we expect to win
and anything less is disappointing.

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