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  2. I wish they would title these documentaries differently because so many people won’t even take a look if it has the word Vegan in it.

  3. Vegan for two years and never ever going back! Thanks to all the brave activists that have risked their careers, jobs and what not! Respect!

  4. The world is only 7000 years old and it’s flat get the facts straight go vegan but stop with the fake meat pastries are fine but fake meat no.

  5. 19:36 this man sends quite an unhealthy message out to all meat eaters like me. I have given up eating conventionally raised meats from the butcher like he’s doing years ago. I’m well into my 50’s, an all natural competition bodybuilder for 30 years and animal protein is the single greatest ingredient to my diet. Organic grass fed beef is loaded with CLAs and it’s proven to IMPROVE your health. All free roaming animals like elk, bison, deer provide us witth extremely healthy meats chocked full of those CLAs. Heart… HEALTHY. Wild caught fish…?? Has no one ever read studies that PROVE how heathy for your heart it is to eat that.??? This vegan movement is out of control. 1.5% of the world population is vegan. That’s under 2 million people out of 7.7 BILLION total people in the world. A tiny flock that squawks mighty loudly. “It’s a carcass”. “It has eyes and lungs”. “It has a mother”. “Cow farts are going to cause the earth to incinerate”. This video like all vegan ones is all shock and awe. Scare tactics and that clear vs cloudy blood in a test tube.?? Well played out. I’m confident that my blood isn’t cloudy like that implies. I eat all of that delicious, nutritionally dense food that is presented in all of these vegan videos ALONG with those healthy SUPPORTING meats and fish that I mentioned but I make sure to steer clear of every one of those “Vegan meat substitute” processed food junk products. Good luck standing next to me on stage at my next lifetime all natural bodybuilding competition full of soy products and quinoa and blueberries . 🤜🏼💥🤛🏼 It’s not hard to be thin and really lean like a tennis player or runner but to have the muscle density that I possess at my age you need to be on juice.

  6. I have been a strict vegan for over 4 years but I cannot get down with XR and it's left wing political narrative and doomsday cult antics. In fact most people that seem to be on the Greta train aren't even vegan but support the cause because they are terrified of self accountability and want a governmental authority to step in and save them from themselves. Veganism is in no way about left and right, but self control, personal ethics, and self sufficiency. Unfortunately docs like this portray veganism as weighted heavily to one side politically and will end up turning away people that are horrified by the regressive woke politics of the new left. Sell veganism as an act of defiance of government and corporate influence by putting the reigns in the hands of the consumer and in turn personal health.

  7. Big yay for all vegans! Such an awesome community! And everyone is welcome :)!!! Here is to saving our planet, the animals and our health!

  8. Trevor Noah: “Either the world ends or we all become vegan 🌱”

    98% of the world: After living with you militant vegans and environmentalists the end doesn’t seem so bad.

  9. I have a vegan diet, it just includes meat and dairy chicken and fish.. I had some hummus once.. oh and I killed a huge steer just yesterday for my freezer (shot him in the head) but as a vegan I feel it was justified because he was ruining the planet with farts and belching.. he’s currently half in the mobile coolroom and half in my freezers inside my house.. he’s very vegan friendly as well…as a vegan I felt justified eating part of him (a tbone cooked with some rosemary salt and pepper on my new skillet on the hot plate then in the oven) for lunch as personally I feeeeel I’m ridding the planet of these disgusting animals that I love (to eat) so much.

  10. It hurts me that because of ignorant greedy selfish egotistical HUMAN SCUMS children are worried and scared and many of them speaking up AND STILL THE GREEDY EGOTISTICAL SELF-ABSORBED MONSTROUS HUMANS DONT CARE ABS KILLING EVERYTHING THAT EXIST IN THIS WORLD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😡😢😭😭😡😭😭😭😡😭😭😭😡😭😭😭😡😭😭😭😡😭😭😭😡

  11. People like to eat. People love delicious food. People look at animals flesh muscle tissue tendons veins blood and their secretion from inside their body as food. They NOT REALIZING THAT THEY MAKE IT TASTE GOOD… BY SEASONING IT… WITH SEASONING… THAT COMES FROM PLANT.

    And so when the plant based take over (yes I say WHEN NOT IF) people will have no choice as years goes on to finally see it for what it is REAL FOOD. And I can’t wait! It’s about time!

    We will celebrate by wearing tissues and caps carrying signs putting up banners that’s says “ YES! ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!

    It’s will be a repeat of history when the Africans we’re finally free after so many years captive slaved tortured torment mocked raped m, boiled alive, burned alive and so on.

    Many thought slavery wasn’t going to EVER end since it went on for so many years but alas AGAIN history proves everyone wrong. It finally did end.
    Same thing with these captive animals people think it will never end just because it went on for so many years but IT WILL END! EVIL may linger a long time BUT IT DOESNT LAST FOREVER. One day THAT WILL be proven.

  12. I have been Vegan for 33yrs and am thrilled to see the sudden surge in interest in living a compassionate life. Whilst we are gaining ground, we must not get complacent. Animals are still suffering and being murdered in their billions.
    Here's to an even kinder 2020 #UntilEveryCageIsEmpty

  13. I've been a vegetarian for most of my life. Go vegan from time to time. I still can not give up my cheese. But I promise to get there soon.

  14. It's just so "funny", how extreme the anti-veganists go to much lengths to make a statement (eat raw squirrels?! What the heck man!)… but the MEDICAL FACTS about Plant-based diets outweigh their barbaric behaviour!

  15. Lol.Its impossible to be a true vegan you exploit bees,earthworms and any other insects that get in the way when planting your spinach.Ill not even get into fossil fuels.

  16. Ok,let’s say tomorrow meat eating is banned and there is no value in cattle,sheep etc.Who is going to take care of these animals?They will die horrific deaths with no human intervention.

  17. The Bible says the people the earth will die from fire and it’s right. The fires will kill you the lungs of the planet will be mostly gone. People will die. Let us not get confused though, the planet will not die, it will come back, it’s just we will be gone.

  18. Im a permie vegan and thought I was alone in this! theres a vegan pmie org? what the? awesome, searchin that one down foe like minded permies :0)

  19. Yes we need to change things, but seriously we cant turn back the old ways of the 18th century. We have over 7 billions of people to feed and in 2050 that will over 10 billion. Farming with just your hand wont do it. This idealistic view is one of the reason why people think vegan are just a bunch of idiots. Can we please get some better stuff instead of constantly citing the hippies from California?

  20. Wow the world is not in danger due to meat eating, thats misleading. Its due to excess and greed and materialism.

    People do not kill Rhinos for meat, they kill Rhinos for the horns for medicine and ivory decorations. Thats greed, thats not meat eating.

    Eat less veg, eat less meat, reduce portion sizes, reduce wasting food and water, reduce living in luxury like having expensives tablets and phones, flying on unnecessary holidays in Indies etc.

    How Vegan high jack things and climate issues.

    Like eating veg will stop climate change, no way, reducing greed and love of money and sharing it, will help much more

  21. Hi Everyone

    Just some useless info from me.I stopped eating meat for moral reasons just over a week ago and i can feel the changes to my life allready.I can be a moody and sometimes aggresive person and i used to consume meat daily in great quantities if there were any.There is this calmness that came over me and i wonder if it is because of the lack of growth hormones in the meat i am not getting anymore or is it the hormones the fightened ,sad animalls produced when they are waiting for slaughter that transfer into our bodies as we consume their meat that makes us depressed and also aggresive?What is your take on this or am i dillusionall?

  22. Whooo hooo the world is changing for real, one victory at a time ! Milions of vegans, milions of us activists informing people and fighting in every corner of our planet!  It's about time to take responsability for what we are doing to our planet, the animals, ourselves. Sooo proud of you brothers and sisters.  The future must be Vegan or there will be no future. Great documentary. Thank you. Sharing, sharing, sharing 😉 Greetings from Italy, we are fighting strong down here as well!

  23. I'm excited to announce I have gone on a plant-based diet and transitioned into a vegan lifestyle for 2 years now. I absolutely love who I have become now including what I am representing. All by choosing to make better selections in my diet or what I'm wearing.

  24. I've been eating a plant based diet for over six years now; it's the best thing I've done for my health. Thank you. 😃

  25. Ha Ha …Gotta love it !! ……smug ,.pasty , over educated Vegan Meghans and Sustainable Sashas existing in an uptight liberal coffee shop bubble…………punishing themselves in a guilt ridden semi third world existence……………2020 ? wasn't the Arctic Ocean supposed to be nothing but a few ice cubes and some floating polar bear carcasses by now ?

  26. I laughed when that man said we were changing God's creation or whatever… Adam and Eve were vegetarian until sin was introduced.

  27. I think a lot of people are skeptical of climate change as it has always been changing. I think more people would be on board if people started calling it what it truly is,a pollution problem. Pollution in the air,water,etc. When you say global warming a lot of people are put off by the true cause.

  28. Vegan for 9 years and I am 56, my husband went vegan at the same time, he is 58. He works as a joiner on building sites with lads half his age, he has more energy, strength and stamina now than ever before and keeps up with the young ones easily. They are so impressed with him that they are all asking about his diet and trying vegan food. We eat a very high whole foods diet with very little junk food though and we are loving it, we both feel so much healthier and happier and are loving food more than ever before.

  29. Please put one in spanish!! Lots of latin americans are trying to get on the vegan train but everything worth watching is just in english! We could reach so much more if the videos and info was both english and spanish

  30. Always look forward to these every year <3 They always give me hope and reminds me of all the good that is happening now.

    Vegan for life <3

  31. Plantbase is cool but what's more GMO then soy 🤣 we need to rethink the way we live and interact with nature as a species in all levels from how we live , eat and stop looking at nature as a commodity

  32. Soon, many farms will run out of the water and soil quality necessary to grow vegan food. The pesticides may also kill off all the bugs necessary to pollinate crops. Ruminant animals don't need fertilizer, pesticide, or irrigation. They are quite happy on land where crops cannot be grown. Vegans can't even digest the food they eat. Bacteria must digest it for them, then, most of the fats the bacteria create are excreted instead of absorbed because the bacteria are in the colon. It's difficult to regard a diet that requires supplementation with respect.

  33. We need to push bigger on vegan propaganda.. so, only then we will be able to change hundreds of thousands years of meat eating habits to veganism

  34. Thanks 4 the video!
    What helps me to grow my perception and awareness is meditation.
    The only way, I feel 2 now what is my way!

  35. I'm a freshman in highschool, and I've been vegetarian for nearly a year now. I'm taking the steps to become vegan soon – the only things stopping me are my family, who don't yet believe it's making a big difference.

    I plan to show this to them. Show them what's happening. Show them why, instead of just sitting back and saying I just want to try a different diet.

  36. Watching this makes me so happy like I almost cry tears of joy because I just have so much love for all of my fellow vegans. Things are changing. It’s a beautiful thing. 🌏🌱♥️

  37. Am from India. I just see Veganism is a conclusion which the West they were able to reach after committing lot of killings, changing the face of agriculture, change the notion of what food is, destroying the planet. But this was practised long before in East, primarily by vision of Buddha who could foresee what meat eating can do to the individual soul. Flashy documentary, new market for vegan food … It's all just big fuss. For god sake just eat you veggies, don't convert it in to Brands, celebrity talks, if not world will fail again. Don't do it for money. Do it out of love for the chicken or cow in your area. Grow ur vegetables. Keep it simple.

  38. The vegan permaculture section should have been the most important section but unfortunely it was the shortest one. There were many good points on this video but still american and european vegan movements always forget what is going on in other parts of the world. I mean, in countries like Brazil, where I live, our enviroment issues don't vanish if we just become vegan: it helps a lot but still european and american industries still exploit our natural resources, including vegetable products. The social and enviromental problems we encounter here are promoted by powerful people in Brazil who know to whom to sell outside our country.
    I guess it makes european and american veganism face some aspects that many aren't ready yet to discuss, because yeah, for the called "third world countries", enviromental problems are way bigger and more complex than those faced by more powerful countries. Many internacional companies keep exploting our land, our people, polluting our water. All these "ugly things" that the big countries managed to exported from their territories to ours. And it has big, big envorimental consequences.

  39. Over two decades Plant Based and a decade or more of that as a vegan. What deficiencies are the 'meat heads' talking about?

  40. I’m vegan about 8 month now,never felt healthier..I’m so happy and proud to be vegan !
    sending my love from Israel to the vegan community all around the world ♥️🌱🥰🌲

  41. After having dealt viđ BAD bulima for (on/off) 12 years, I was by the healthsystem and psychiatrists given up.. My digestive system was ruined, had acid reflux after every meal I ate, BAAAD stomach aches and pains everyday, due to pancreatitis (inflamed pancreas) wich can (eventually) lead to a series of bad complications.
    And the list of damage goes on and on. My circulation was extremely low = I was sleeping 3/4th of everyday, always cold, tired and BP was dangerously low at times..
    But, yeah.. I had to just (live my best with it..) and "try"

    I then came across a documentary, based on the China study. I thought, well.. "What the heck"?

    Here I am today, THRIVING at my best, having to deal with NONE of the mentioned symptoms AT ALL, because of one thing: VEGAN DIET! Even my cardiovascular symptoms are gone and my heartrate is strong, stable and normal.
    I am off all of my medications and every low number in my bloodtests is perfectly normal now.
    Recently went to my doctor for check up, and he did'nt even recognize my at first, and then he said: "Who ever has prayed upon you, was either a magician or an angel.."

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