Vegan Remedies for a Healthy Voice! Stump Kitchen 34

[Aidan] Salt gargle. Salt gargle. [Alexis] Salt gargle. [Aidan] Sart. Shart. Sart-[laughs] [Alexis] Try saying that ten times fast. [Aidan] Salt gargle. Salt gargle. [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen!
[Aidan] Yay! [Alexis] This is Aidan! Aidan is an opera singer and a very good friend. Are you gonna sing for us? [Aidan sings] WAHHHHHH!!!
[both laughing] [Alexis] One thing that Aidan and I have in
common is that we are both huge choir nerds! Big, huge choir nerds. [Aidan] Yep. [Alexis] As choir nerds, and people who sing
and use their voices as a job or for fun, it’s really important to take care of them,
especially when you’re sick! We’re going to explore some fun, vegan, gluten-free
ways to take care of your voices. [Aidan] Yeah! [Alexis] Yeah. [Aidan] Let’s start with- take some ginger,
some turmeric — [Alexis] Hang on, hang on. I just want to know how much this ginger looks
like my stump? [Aidan] I feel like I kinda picked this one
because I felt like it reminded me of Bebe. [both laugh] [Alexis] If you want a stump just buy some
ginger. [Aidan] Buy some ginger! [Aidan] Okay so we have ginger, we have turmeric,
we have cinnamon — oh! We forgot, um, cloves! That’ll work. [Alexis] If you don’t have the whole, fresh
herbs, it’s okay to use the spicy ones you have in the cupboard, no one has turmeric
just laying around! [Aidan] Stumplicious. [Alexis] Stumps.
[both laugh] [Aidan] Being an avid Stump Kitchen watcher,
I know that you are the best at the grating, so —
[Alexis] I am really good at grating! [Aidan] She’s so good at grating! [Alexis laughs]
[Aidan] Grate the ginger! [Alexis] Okay it’s happening. [Aidan] While you do that, I’m going to try
and find a pot. I found one! [Alexis laughs]
[Aidan] Fill it up about halfway. About half. And now I get to try and figure out how to
use your stove. [Alexis laughs]
[Aidan] Boiling water! And while you’re doing that, I’m going to
chop up some turmeric. [Alexis] Okay! Remember how sharp those knives are. [Aidan] They’re very, very sharp. If you curl your fingers under — very, very
important. [Alexis] Then you won’t lose your hand – just
kidding! Just kidding! [Aidan gasps]
[Aidan] So you can see, turmeric is very, very orange. [Alexis] Wow! Oh, smell that! [Aidan] It smells amazing! If you’re using organic turmeric, you don’t
need to peel it, but if you’re using non organic, I would suggest peeling it just cause you
don’t — [Alexis] You don’t know where that’s been! [Aidan] Don’t know where it’s been. [Alexis] You don’t know where it’s been. [Aidan] Ah shoot! [Alexis] Turmeric down! Turmeric down! [Aidan] How’s that — [laughs] [Alexis] I’m feeling healthy– more healthy already! [Aidan] And then we have cinnamon, that’s
the other one, cinnamon and nutmeg. [record scratches]
[Alexis] Nutmeg?? Not nutmeg! [Aidan] Not nutmeg!
[both] Cloves! [Alexis] Maybe if I close my eyes she’ll sing. [Aidan laughs]
[Alexis whispers] Don’t look at her! Don’t look at her! [Aidan singing] Eeeeeeee [Alexis and Aidan making random sounds] [Aidan] And then we add some cinnamon. [Alexis] Cloves?
[Aidan] Cloves. [Alexis] Smash, smash, smash. [Aidan] Mix it, mix it, mix it. [Aidan] It’s boiling!
[Alexis] It’s boiling! [Aidan] We gotta turn it down.
[Alexis] We gotta turn it down. [Aidan] Then we let it simmer. [Alexis] While yours is going, we will prep
the one that I found. [laughs]
Alright I need two and a half cups of water in here. [Aidan] Alright! [Alexis] One!
[Aidan sings] One! [Alexis] Two.
[Aidan sings] Two! [Alexis] And a half.
[Aidan sings] And a half! [Alexis] And we get that boiling. [Aidan straining] Unh! [Alexis] Oh wow! [Aidan] Yeah. [Alexis straining] Breaking up the garlic! [Aidan] Exactly! [Alexis] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Eight’s good. [Aidan] Sure! [Alexis] Let’s just do eight! I’ll cut the end off and then smash it down
with a knife. [singing] Garlic hands, garlic stump [sniff, sniff, sniff] mm mm mm! [Aidan] I’m just going to take my hand away! [Alexis] That’s a very good idea! And I hear our water boiling! Into the pot we go! Wahhh! The next thing we need is an onion!
[straining] Just like, just a quarter of your red onion. Hold it down firmly with your stump. [Aidan] K…
[both singing] Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, chop! [Alexis] Oops and they go flying everywhere
that’s okay!
[Aidan] And they end up on the ground! [Alexis] That’s about good. Sweet and savoury health! So the last thing for right now is a sprig
of rosemary! [Aidan] Why do you think they don’t call them
branches? [Alexis laughs]
[Aidan] Do you think cause this one – it’s a little floppy. Does this count as one or two? [Alexis] You know, we’re not judging if you got some – it’s okay! In we go! [Aidan] Bam! It smells like chicken. [both laugh]
[Aidan] Vegan chicken. [Alexis] Vegan chicken? [gasps] Edmonton Opera mugs! [Alexis] Shout out to the Edmonton Opera!
[Aidan] Edmonton Opera mugs! Hey!!! Go check out their show, Elektra, March 11th! [both making random sounds] [Aidan] You’re gonna take a lemon. [Alexis] Oh do we? Oh I think I know what’s comin’ here! Get your stump in it and juice it! OH!
[both laugh] [Alexis] This is how you can use your body
in the kitchen! [Aidan] And there’s gonna be seeds in there,
just don’t drink them! [Alexis] Don’t drink the seeds! Boop boop boop boo dee doop! And honey is not vegan so Aidan’s gonna use
honey. I’m gonna use maple syrup!
[both vocalizing] [Aidan] So you’re gonna take a little bit
of hot water. I’d say fill your cup about halfway. [Alexis] K! Strain it! [Aidan] Alright. [Alexis laughs]
[pouring] [cups clink]
[sipping] [Alexis] Wow! That is so good! [Aidan] It tastes so good! [Alexis] Yeah! Thank you so much for showing me that recipe. Shall we move on to the savoury one? [Aidan] Yes. [Alexis] Alright! Ready for round two! Before you strain in your juicy-juice, you
put in some molasses! Takes a little bit of time, but —
[Aidan] Here it comes! [Alexis] Ahh! One to two tablespoons of molasses. Cinnamon! [Aidan] Cimmamon! A whole teaspoon! [Alexis] Yeah a whole teaspoon of cinnamon! [Aidan] Oh that’s beautiful. [spoon clinking]
[Alexis] Let’s just take a moment and explore the smells that are in our cup right now. [Aidan] I don’t know how you describe that. Cheers! [Alexis] Cheers! Wow! Oh there’s a bit of a kick at the end of the
sip. [Aidan] That’s not as bad as I thought it
would be! [Alexis] Yeah! I just feel so good drinking this! [Aidan] It’s completely different than the
other one — [Alexis] Mm! [Aidan] But good! [Alexis] Really good! [Aidan] I’d say that the one thing singers
very much enjoy is a little bit of alcohol. I have – well, I can’t pronounce that. [Alexis mispronouncing] BKLALADSH. [Aidan mispronouncing] Bukklaladech. It’s a 10-year-old single malt. [Alexis] We should have started with this
one! [Aidan] Yeah! Cheers!
[cups clink] [Alexis] Cheers! [Aidan] What a great episode! [Alexis] It was so great having you on! [Aidan] This was awesome! I feel healthier already, to be honest! [Alexis] Me too! Yeah. Go check out Aidan – Edmonton Opera, Elektra. Watch this beautiful singer perform. Also, while you’re at it, subscribe to my
channel! [Aidan] Do it!
[both] We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen [cups clink] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis breathes out]
[Aidan] It’s so good! [Alexis] I feel the health! [Aidan] Feel it!

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