Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Features

(bright music) – [Announcer] The SC70TX
Stump Cutter from Vermeer. Smooth operation with dual
full cutting capabilities. Designed for productive
cutting at the stump with a heavy-duty cutter
drive system to efficiently get the job done. The SC70TX is tough enough
to withstand hardwood stumps on a commercial site, and
can fit in tight spaces on a residential job. The smooth tracking when
propelling will help you get around the job site with ease. And with a patented capacitance sensing operator presence system and
brake at the cutter wheel, you can feel confident in
tough working conditions.

2 thoughts on “Vermeer SC70TX Stump Cutter Features

  1. No blade….only 7 more hp….and still has that goofy swing out tower….go build a 100hp+ plus track

  2. Well built, powerful engine, quickly gets rid of stumpsꉺꉺꉺ> Beware that it takes some strength to use and move as it is heavy but it comes with a tow bar you can use with your ATV, lawn tractor, or truck to move (attaches to a standard 1 7/8" tow ball). Also comes with an extra set of cutter teeth.

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