Veterans players, coaches vow to have a better high school football season

[NOISE] We’ve always had a great summer. It’s been a busy, but short, fast summer. Guys did really good on
the summer workouts, OTAs. Again, we had tremendous commitment and
attendance all summer. Very proud of their efforts. Saw a lot of improvement,
day by day, week by week and. Got a lot of new faces and
some young guys that we’re counting on. So the summer was very vital and
important to us. Came off of that for acclimation days and
first few days in pads. And it’s been really hot, the kids have
done a great job fighting through it. [NOISE] We felt like we made
a lot of strides last year and an eight three is a good year but
we were actually really disappointed, because we felt like we
let some games get away. Felt like we did somethings to
shoot ourselves in the foot. Missed some opportunities, of course our three loses was
against three really good teams. We were disappointed at the point
we felt like there was a lot of work to be done in all season,
get a little bigger, faster stronger and
Just continuing to do the little things, knowing that winning’s in the details,
not shooting ourselves in the foot. Making sure veterans
doesn’t beat veterans. So we’re excited to kick off this season,
we feel like we’ve grown physically, and we feel like we’ve grown, in terms of
football intellect and matured, and so we’re just excited to see how they perform All right. Got to go. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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