Video umpire hockey: Irlanda se quedó sin JJOO

Canada is with the ball in the corner. Irlanda doesn’t press the ball Irish defender try to anticipate, but he is late So the ball is out of pressure Umpire indicates hit out for Ireland and Canadian’s player ask for the video umpire They might just be a referral Umpires comment the play and they didn’t see any infraction Give us your comment about the umpire decision Finally umpire ask for the video umpire to be sure So they’re gonna check pretty much everything here it’s all about when their whistle whist If the infraction was in or out of time Over to you Diego This is massive How much is there in that from Cole’s challenge on Wallace Here you have the repetition in slow motion. Attacker slide with the defender stick We should you on fire at this stage when there is so much of the line as well Here we go Yep, yeah, that’s an infraction of the 29 of Irenland. So there’s a penalty stroke Canada scores the penalty stroke and draw the qualificaton. Finally Canda wins in the shoot-out competition. So canals hauling corner

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