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Asalam o Alaikum friends, welcome back to our channel I’m your host, Sajjad Hussain I’m Usman Ali & I’m Umer Jutt Friends we are going to watch a video today Umer will told us, what we have to watch? This video is about Chennai city India, someone sent us A friend from India, Arun sent us link for this video & we are going to watch this video Do you have listened that music about Chennai? Tamil Nadu Yes, their language is different Yes they speak Tamil Yes Yes, Chennai exists in Tamil Nadu Let’s watch Chennai And other peoples who commented for this video , i’ll find in comment section That comments will be displayed on screen Let’s watch This video is from Plenty Facts YouTube channel, we are going to watch We have seen more videos before from this channel Thanks for sharing earphone with me Usman, play the video Subtitle for original video is currently not available. Subtitle for original video is currently not available. Subtitle for original video is currently not available. Subtitle for original video is currently not available. Please do Subscribe them & Subscribe our channel too yes please subscribe our channel too, friendssss Subtitle for original video is currently not available. Subtitle for original video is currently not available. Friends this was the video that we have seen buddy how you felt? Very excellent Chennai city is in Tamil Nadu state Many peoples watch Tamil movies here in Pakistan Did you seen Tamil movie? Yes…. Which one?? Language is different Language is different, but do you know any actor? Many peoples watching Tamil movies in these days. They watch Tamil videos in Hindi dubbed That are the Tamil movies Tamil movies are excellent & Tamil films actresses are so pretty Yes, Really We have enjoyed a lot to watch Tamil movies in Hindi dubbed Tamil is beautiful enough We have seen Chennai city, very famous in Tamil Nadu A movie from Shahrukh Khan made here That movie was excellent Many places here Many tourist places available here in Chennai Good places to visit, and a famous city of India Thanks for those, who send us this video Did that movie made in Chennai? Yes! made here Chennai Express is a train in India Shahrukh Khan goes to Chennai city through that train….. You have seen that movie That was a good film Tamil Nadu is a state in India & Chennai is a city in Tamil Nadu very famous city Chennai Super Kings How can you forget that? How can you forget MS Dhoni? Yes true.. IPL team, Chennai Super Kings MS Dhoni team CSK is excellent… I think MS Dhoni belongs to Chennai or Tamil Nadu state? May Maybe… I think he is from Chennai..? You will told us in comment about this He is great man I have never seen this type of captaincy. Really, Correct…. His wicket keeping and captaincy great… Batting was also good Yes! Batting was amazing too.. He had skills Big players were surprised by his skills He won unbelievable matches one match was shouldn’t won?? Do you know, which one? T20 world cup final 2007 Ohhhh Final shot played by Misbah Yesss…. Yesss… When Dhoni select bowler to the final over, everyone saying that Pakistan will win now & What was in Misbah’s Mind? He played shot backside We went to city specially to watch that match Match was very thrilled We enjoyed a lot Because Pakistan had lost Yes… I Know Pakistan lost some early wickets score was slow After that Misbah played very well and come back in game He made, he lost So what happen?? When 2 teams will play, only 1 will win But match was very thrilled This final was also very thrilling Which game? Last world cup, ENG vs NZ This world cup final match was unbelievable Really… Let’s come back to Chennai city From CSK talk started, then we started cricket talks This man started talking about world cup Should we back on Chennai?? Yes… I think Chennai is superb city, who’s watching us from Chennai? The peoples who watching from Chennai comment fast & subscribe our channel Umer tell them, from where they can subscribe our channel? Look at Usman’s head…. What are you looking??? Subscribe our channel here from PK React button & watch our latest video here you can watch here… See you in next video Bye Bye!!!

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  1. Bro ye dislike sirf aur sirf us chutiya utuber ki video dekhne k liy…mat react Kiya kro is Indian utuber ki videos par

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