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Last 2 balls, 2 runs to win, last wicket Brother, take single and give me the batting
I’ll hit the winning shot For sure, this time I’ll make you win the match wicket…. Out Hey Madhu, What is this man?
Ashwin did that in Punjab I did it here
That’s it Then why did you ask me to play with you?
You should not ask me Play yourself Hey Chandhu,
Yes Uncle Yesterday night who won the match? Mumbai (or) RCB? Mumbai won the match
Ohh.. Mumbai won the match? Yes! Day before yesterday who won the match ?
Chennai (or) RCB? Chennai won the match Uncle RCB didn’t win the match?
No Hey Madhu..
Yes Uncle Who won the match RCB (or) Rajasthan?
Rajasthan won the match RCB didn’t win the match?
No What to do?
Uncle today night There is a match between Kolkata and RCB de villiers and Kohli will hit the runs I’ll give you a big treat if RCB win today For sure RCB gonna win uncle Wow… Just miss uncle It’s four Wow , what a mesmerizing batting uncle Kohli is hitting every ball into fours and six If he is in field we will definitely win No one gonna hit 200 runs I’ll challenge, Any one has guts to hit 200 runs?
I’ll call anil Wait uncle…
No, I’ll call him It’s a six
Who is that man? Russell What a batting man I’m fan of RCB man RCB Who is this man? Why you are crying uncle?
Tell me one single player name from RCB? Vijaya Malya
Vijaya Malya..? Who is that uncle?
Vijaya malya man… Who is gonna supply King fisher beer man already everyone spoiling his name I’m in village dude… Why you are irritating me?
Do you want me to take care of everything..? SRH is very strong , running 1:1
Go head Tomorrow match chennai and mumbai
It is 1:4, Go ahead with mumbai Don’t make me tense dude
you will get everything Cut the call Brother, Do you know everything about IPL? Dude, do you know what we are doing in hyderabad Uppal? These are very common things man..
We will do plenty of betting on IPL Oh my god,
everyone is doing the same thing in Uppal? you are king in IPL brother
Brother there is a match in our village today Let’s go brother, will play there
Match ah? No man why all these things for us?
why you are saying like that brother? Everyone has to know about your talent
Let’s go, you are king brother No need man
No brother, come with me, change your shoes Take this, Hit the wickets properly brother
Brother is everything ready? It’s very late Anil
How many times I have to call you? every time you are being late
We choose to batting first, go and sit there It’s ok brother
He is my brother Uppla chandhu, king in IPL Hello
He is very great man Ok, Go and sit there, It is our turn to batting
Is it our turn to batting brother? Brother, will give first batting to him
Does he know how to play? What are you tallking brother
uppal Chandhu brother, he is king in IPL brother Heis very great man brother
Will give it to him for batting you carry on
No, you take it brother Common everyone…. Brother…. you are king brother Don’t tense brother
Ok Uppal chandhu brother
Russell, Russell…. Remember Russell brother Hurray….. Yes… He missed it brother…
It’s good thing Anil, I’m going for batting Balls are very freaky brother Brother, he is new to this ground brother Bowling He is very good bowler brother
Uppal chandhu brother, King in IPL brother Brother, Come and sit here brother you have to take first bowling
You played very well brother I’m getting bit trouble with that ball brother
No problem, you are new to this pitch brother 5 overs, 50 runs
Please take care while you are fielding take two steps back Brother, Brother…. What happened Anil? Will give first bowling to chandhu brother
No, I can’t, He already failed in batting Will give first bowling to him, He is king in IPL He is awesome bowler, Don’t take any tense
chandhu brother, come here… Crucial time brother, why we have to take risk at this time? Brother, take first bowling are you sure brother?
Let him do it It’s ok brother, take this ball you are king in IPL
you take first bowling, and play super Ok brother, Please be careful, Please
It’s a bet match Six
Ohh shit Six Six Six What is this? Borther, Don’t take any tense
You take next over he is like Gibbs in fielding
Uppal chandhu brother, King in IPL brother he has minimum talent, Don’t tense
you go ahead brother, Gibbs brother Chandhu brother, go and take your place for fielding
1 ball, 4 runs to win What is this Anil?
He is not even catching the ball Brother, somehow this ball missed But he is king in IPL brother
Wait, Just one minute Did we lost the match? Brother… How can you miss that simple ball brother? I know about betting in IPL but I don’t know about this batting and bowling Brother, still you are king in IPL Uppal Chandhu brother, King in IPL brother I’m I really King? Today I don’t have enough money for betting Anyhow, once I’ll call to Anil I’ll ask him what is the best? Tell me the (a+b)2 formula? Tell me uncle Hey Anil
Is SRH (or) DC? SRH (or) DC?
Why you buying cheap quality pipes Take that Ashirwad or Princeton Pipes
they are good in quality Uncle Not pipes man, SRH (or) DC means Cricket teams,
I’m participating in betting Ohh, you are asking me about betting
Just wait Touch any one figure Uncle, DC gonna win the match
DC? Ok
Ok fine Anji Uncle always saying brand new names You tell me the formula What is this Uncle
You have to bet on SRH Why you are planning to betting on DC
DC is better, It is going to be win SRH will win
No, DC will win, who told you? Ok, Let’s check horoscope Please tell us, who is gonna win?
Hyderabad (or) DC? Please sit if Hyderabad has a chance to win If not , please stand Is Delhi going to lost the match? I told you uncle
Rashid Khan uncle Hyderabad is not a small team
Not all these things man, Get up you have to tells us clearly Who is going to be win? Delhi (or) Hyderabad? Please tell us properly Do not doubt
See, Hyderabad is going to be win Is Hyderabad going to be win?
Not Delhi? No I already told you, David Warner is there in the team
Will check somewhere else man Every one is saying SRH is going to be win
again why you are doing all these things? Just stop this superstitions
listen to me properly I’ll keep this glass on the ground If this spoon falls in this glass
Hyderabad is going to be win If not, Delhi is going to be win This is very tough task uncle
Very simple man, it just has to fall into it Ok then I’ll throw it
No I’ll throw it Uncle Doesn’t fall in it right? No, It is in
Is it fallen? Uncle, Why you been so stubbornly Join with us in SRH team, Evening will watch the match Will enjoy the match by eating peas
Understand? Will you please stop this?
Do you want me listen everything which you are saying? Not all these things…
Look at there, Sriklanth is going If he look at us Delhi is going to be win If not, Hyderabad is going to be win
Why all these things uncle? Look at him
Ok I told you uncle, SRH is going to be win Watch the match , we are going to win Hey Srikanth… Look at him We are going to win
This is cheating, Will see the match in the evening Yes, Let’s see
Let’s go Ok friends, Thanks for watching this video Don’t play wally ball in the afternoon time No t wally ball, It’s cricket
Cricket…? Don’t play cricket in the afternoon time
This is very hot summer Drink plenty of water and lemon juice Take rest under the trees and in your home Watch IPL matches in the night time Free promotion..? Now Like, share and subscribe my village show Every time I’m asking for 50k likes, But we are not getting This time I’m expecting 60k likes Not getting 50k but you are asking for 60k likes?
This time we will get it Like the video IPL fans hit the like button What he is hitting man Every ball is going to be four and six
RCB is going to lost the match Wait uncle, watch till the end RCB is going to lost the match If we lost the match Vijaya malya man King fisher man We are not getting king fisher beer
I want king fisher beer man Even we are not getting that beer in Jagityal Slowly man you are hitting my legs why you are coming in front

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  4. Nice concept abba .. asalu superstitions motham dhimparu , chinnappudu neenu kuda itlane vunde .. cricket vasthunte current poinappudu , eppudu vasthadhi ani itlanti betting lu pettedhi

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