Village Lovers day | my village show comedy

what game are you playing hands game. I will play with you too why do u play all games that girls play yes I do. who is there for me other than you hey kid, what did u say after that, love and lot love you continue playing. I will join later is he mad. come and goes in between in the game hey mama thank god , you came tommorow is feb14 , it’s lovers day. don’t you remember that yes it is this time we shouldn’t be a single i cann’t live anymore being a single Everyone is asking me if i am a single in Instagram, Facebook,whatsapp r u single ,single i was ashamed to tell them that i am a single this time we should propose a girl for sure no body can stop from doing that. we should be a commited but we do not know to make love. they are all new for us do not know what to do after going there, and what to talk if we go in this way, we will be fooled so then we will do rehersals what does it mean u don’t worry. i am there with you what do we do don’t tense, let me keep every thing here imagine that you are a girl and i am a boy Am a girl, i could never imagine in a such way.. Listen first tell me. all lovers sit facing each other see into each others eyes keep hand in this way not that side, see in my eyes your specs are obstructing shit, bloody disturbance is it ok now, tell me then arey chandu dont call arey; say baby, sweetie, okk baby, see those farms how greenery they are i could see all the greenery in your eyes do you think that i have jaundice thats how we should talk with girls, mindless baby you see that insect that is so beautiful i could see same in your eyes ohh is it baby see that cow , how fair it is see the grass, how unique it is yes i am watching baby whats happening why those teens be like this, i said their parents to make their marriages. but they are procastinating for huge dowry, they are changing in this way. i am ashamed to tell this in a village baby baby see that sky, how blue it is i could see entire world in your eyes baby, is it baby. yes sweetie rey, what the hell are you talking here you can see entire world in your anil’s eyes arey, tell me where my missing calf is by seeing in his eyes see there and tell me why are you not seeing we are practising here. why do you want why this practise is for, you are making us ashamed what this all u go away from here what to do next drinking same cool drinks by keeping two straws is it, open it shit, how can we drink this. it is foul smelled you don’t know that when u fell in love we have to drink , drink it what to do next take flower propose will she fell to me prepare all the night. morning give flower and greeting card propose her that I Love you from tommorow our single life is going to be end from tommorow ,my sister in law is my lover we will meet tommorow singing a song……………. ……………. last night, i have been writing this book of poetry for love, for the sake of your love i am living to get your love baby when i get your love let my heart be stopped. baby you are my bajji i have never thought of my life no thought of life if you are not my part of life after singing this if she doesn’t fall to me rey chandu she will be flirted however it may be. god, see that girl will be mine you looks active i wrote a poetry. she should fell to me call your baby and ask where she is what happened it’s busy then, are you going to be single this year also call your bae hey baby, this is Anil i want to meet you, as it is feb14th iphone what someone has given Iphone as a gift. she likes him only. she doesn’t want to meet me we practised a lot baby i love you baby how is the new phone, Iphone x metro station, no not there. no privacy at all we will go for a movie and shopping be ready hi bro what are you doing here lucky guy, talking with your lover on lovers day you are great bro its just your kind heart now a days, what those flower, boques and greeting cards we should maintain social status to have a lover look at me, i gave her Iphone and next day she told me I love you. we are going to cinema and enjoy there, bye baby, why u cheated me what have i done less to you i have taken you for shopping. gifted Iphone also what did i make less to you we roamed for two year knowing that i have no money, how can u go with other person i bought lot of gifts for u with my hands your love is mine, you r expenditure is mine if anyone comes in between us , i will tear them don’t get cheated by giving gifts to girls don’t trust girls please arey, what happened to him he loved a girl two years back i has given every gifts that she asked him at last, when he ran out of money, girl left him but he is addicted to alcohol, and being like a mad. what is this do u think , that there is no pure love in boys u can see true and fake lovers, same with girls those we believe gifts as a love, they will break within 1 or 2 years one thing, never love the person by seeing gifts and money who comes with a true heart, we will accept them and love them ohh, are you giving a message do you think, our faces are for giving a message better luck next year. Happy Valentines Day

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