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Students, a Go kart park is going to open in Fursatganj, where Go karting will be done. They are organizing a Go Kart race to promote their park. Those who want to participate can submit their names to me. Sir, I will participate and win the first prize too. I will bring my Go Kart. Bunty, Go kart is very costly, this is not an ordinary car, they will give their go carts to everybody. My father has a lot of money, he will buy me a new Go kart. Ok, those who want to bring their own Go karts can get it. Sir, I and Imli will also participate in the race. Who else wants to participate please raise your hands. Dad, my lovely dad, you are the best dad in the world. I am so lucky that I have a dad like you. Hey, stop praising me and tell me what do you need? Dad, I need a Go kart. So go and buy it. What! A Go kart? Dad please, my good dad, my lovely dad, please. I want to take my new Go kart to the Go kart race and win the first prize. Oh this young boy wants to participate in Go kart race. Please don’t discourage him, get him a new Go kart. That old man’s face looks familiar. But sir, this does not happen in our village, kids don’t ask for such expensive things. Haha!! I am a Go kart company’s owner. I am here to attend this go cart race. I would like to give a new Go kart to your young & talented boy but after the race you have to return it back. Thank you uncle, thank you!! Haha!! I will get a new Go kart tomorrow for the race, see you there. That man looks like Timbaktoon. Yes you are right. Then, even we will have to prepare a special Go-kart and get ready to face any type of danger. Vir, there is always a single seat in Go-kart and you have attached two seats. I knew that you won’t participate without me. Thankyou Vir!! Get aside Chulbul, Vir has made another seat for me. Sorry friends, but second seat is for Imli, you both cannot participate in the race. You never allow me to participate in any competitions. This time I won’t listen to you. Gintu!! In this way, we will give a new Go kart to that boy Bunty and defeat Vir in the race. You king of fools, if you want to give him a Go kart then give it, not for defeating Vir but rather for finishing Vir. Meow! You are genius boss. She is right boss. I will give you a Go kart full of weapons and give him this helmet too. As soon as Bunty will wear this helmet his brain will come under your control. Whatever you will command him on the walkie talkie he will do the same. Haha!!! Vir’s game is over. Haha!! Wear this helmet Bunty. If you wear this helmet then you will win this race. This Gintu always does what he wants. All the students listen carefully, everybody has to take five rounds of this ground. The fifth round will be the last round. Ok everybody. Was this a Go kart of just the breeze? It was just a fast breeze sir. How can a Go kart take a round so fast? Look, even half round is not complete. Remove the dagger and burst Vir’s Go kart’s tires. Vir, Look there. I knew that Timbaktoon must have done something or the other. Bunty, take Vir out of the ground and finish him off. Use the weapons which are there in the Go kart. Hey Bunty, what are you doing? Stop the car. Stop!!! What happened? We have already finished four round and others have not even completed the first round. If we win like this than people will definitely get a doubt that we are using some magic. Come on let’s stop somewhere, eat and relax. Vir laser gun!! Don’t worry Imli. Imli, you get down. I cannot put your life in danger. No Vir, I will not leave you alone. Imli, Bunty is not behaving normal, he is behaving like a robot. I guess Timbaktoon is controlling him. There is a red light coming from Bunty’s helmet. I feel that Bunty is in their control because of this helmet. Imli, you drive, I will go and remove his helmet. Robo suit on. What am I doing in this tunnel? Robo boy, what is happening here? Vir!! Bunty, press the brake, tunnel is about to get over. Bunty, you return back. Vir!!! Look there, a car is falling down. Let’s run otherwise this car may fall on us. Look, Robo boy is coming. Seat belt is stuck, it is not opening Vir. You get aside. Go Vir!! Look there. Yeah! Robo boy!! Thankyou Robo boy. Your welcome Imli. Gintu, get up, I guess the race is over. No, how is this possible. Vir, where were you? How did you lose the race? Timbaktoon gave Bunty a new Go kart along with a magical helmet to control him like robot and attack us. We were trying to save ourselves from that. How dare he does that. Now I will teach him a lesson. Hey Timbaktoon, Vir is saved but how will you protect yourself from my laser rays? Haha!! She even speaks boss, boss save me!! Haha!!

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