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Come on, lets play Hide and Seek today. Even I will play or else I will spoil the game. No, you can’t play with us. If you wont include me , I shall disclose all the hidden team out. Ok Bunty come along and play with us . You begin the counting and we all will hide. Ok, just watch out, in one minute I shall figure you all out. Ready? I am coming. Oh Chulbul is inside the car , he will be caught, I will vanish the car itself. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam ikadam dum dumadum. Oh!! Help!! Bring back the car, right now. Help!! Daddy why are you screaming? Yes, why am I screaming, haha!! May be I was watching a dream. Bye bye. Bye daddy. Hey caught you! Now you start the counting. You hide separately , I shall hide somewhere no one can see me, haha!! I am expect in this game. I will see how you hide and where will you hide . Aaagadam bagadam aalam phalaam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. What’s this? Run!! What am I doing here? I am too hungry, I feel like having some snacks. What is this? Monster!! Help!! Imli this has happened because of Gintu’s magic spell. Gintu where are you? Chulbul go and find Gintu. I will take care of him. Robo boy suit on. I have grown so tall, I can do anything now. Bunty you go out of the city, people may get smashed under your feets . Robo boy, I don’t need your advice People might be scared of you but not with me. Haha!! I am very hungry , let me eat some sweets. I am eating your sweets, hope you don’t mind. Haha!! I am a superman!! Leave me. What are you doing? You wait here, I’ll get that person who did this to you. Imli did you find Gintu? We are searching him only. Robo boy!! That giant has broken all the tied ropes , he is creating trouble everywhere. Imli and Chulbul search for Gintu quickly , I will get Bunty. Bunty what are you doing ? look out the train is coming and you have broken the track. I will save the train , I don’t need your help. Robo boy look I saved the train. Haha!! Hey Imli, Chulbul what are you guys doing here? What am I doing here? Bunty keep the train down, slowly very slowly. Quickly make Bunty back to normal, you have made him a giant. Oh! I remember, sorry.Agadam bagadam aalam phallam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum Oh no! Yeah!! Robo boy cant believe something like this can happen. Felt like the train is in the air and we are in the plane and on the runways. Thankyou Robo boy. Run!! Mummy!! Vir where is bunty? Suddenly he became very small, I don’t know where he is. Help!! Someone make me normal!! Help me!! Please. Haha!! This is a punishment for him. Gintu quickly make him normal and erase his memory. Let him be like this for a while, he had troubled a lot .

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