Virat Kholi 2nd Maiden Century – India vs Newzeland 2nd Test 2012 in Bengaluru

lucky shot over pitched and colleague
picked accountant down the track over the top the line as well must end up adding
together these two young men are Indian good use of the feet their Bible
artfully no finger in the deep for any protection for g10 Patel tremendous shock we’ve seen one straight
drive before from you-know-who this one was glorious as well terrific
shot yes causing the face or the back just a
little bit not opening it he wanted to hit it straight didn’t want to hit it
and look at that stride again when we talk about strides some Peaks try big
stride fine shot down the ground he does need one half what he put away it’s lovely shot from Verret colleague
we’ve seen it a couple of times today displayed it fine and we’ll pick up four
runs and that will bring up his 15
it’s being a well on decimates 50 then good i’ll call it short pulled away
lovely shot from collie go over top of it will pick up four nicely played through the leg side look
at the wrists and that will race away for four or lovely shot
desperate well toki control was a supremely confident nicely played have you been bound we
don’t even bother chasing a squeeze the way before beautifully timed cross-boundary of the
morning who I call it will win till 97 let’s
pedal on the outside he’ll find the boundary and the second Test match
hunger for baritone it excellent it exists and when the crowd
loving it yeah absolutely supported we’re at Bali so beautifully yesterday
and it’s great to see this wonderful fare of coming early this morning just
to witness it 298 for fiers unless you blow it up in style with
Steve flick to send the ball to the boundary and this first hundred in India in
desmos finger

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