Virat Kohli Great Knocks in U19 World Cup

Kohli captain right and middle order batsman right I’m quick bowler and my favorite cranberries Herschelle Gibbs there at cooley captain of the Indian under-19 and his favorite player Herschel Gibbs you are very curly place for delhi 11 matches with an average of forty five full toss and India’s captain Hummels that away four for that’s a gift from captain to captain it’s a hundred and eleven 42 and this is a lovely strike though from the skipper very coolly used to 15 with it nice try crane gianna is certainly wars is a trifle short term throughout the Holy Spirit to pounce on it in there not every clears him good-looking shot a lot of Baton it and don’t put the man on the line there and manages to clear him cause that would work take your look at less give himself room inside out / kappa there is a man back there but it doesn’t matter it goes all the way and he’s looking for more jacobs clean as a whistle is it now only got most of it and then quickly to the fence for more the idea seems to push things along captain Coley he’s the man who really could do it all-night ball short turning and waxed right back pass the ball pass the Empire the floor runs and colleague that is 50 without curly with a half-century there’s a great shot again and that’s going out all the white and kali so strong that part of the ground at the end of 45 overs 210 the three that’s up in the air that’s big that is massive that’s anything but that’s one of the bigger hits we’ve seen here that can our cricket oval absolute monster I tell you what our cameramen the top layer of the advantage point were in danger this was straight out of the screws boom and that has gone a long way and up she goes and again he’s gonna have a cover inside out and that is six more hey is simply on fire cooley doing it for the team to add insult to injury drops a chance opportunity to take a wicked and then the next two deliveries disappear for six this is class hitting with the spin that’s the secret yet at the middle of the bed and another big hit and that’s over extra-cover or class Carly he’s played a great and he’s here for his team on 75 of just 62 deliveries down the ground before more is to put on a hundred eleven and 46 hours of gone now what a great partnership it’s 2273 it’s a single in there is this time we can celebrate properly this pant keeps the strike as well again very slowly and salutes the crowd again different make sure putting on gone to 58 for cool skipper has gone clean and is it out is this a good catcher what and that’s Bravo has dropped the countless simple ones and takes the top one to get rid of the captain he’s got a hundred and has to go he hit this like a tracer bullet that when so quickly to Bravo with off standing right on the ropes takes an absolute beauty danger of stepping over right up the middle of the bed when i went to low and flat water catch fingertips and lands inside the road that’s a really good catch and it brings to loot and then a really good innings from the red curly exactly a hundred just face 274 balls 258 45

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