Virat’s 100 vs West Indies | ICC U19 World Cup 2008

there are two coolie captain of the
India under-19s full toss and India’s captain Hummels that away for four
that’s a gift then captain to captain and this is a lovely strike though from
the skipper very coolly in the air without their buddy clears him
good-looking shot a lot of batter on it and took the man on the line there and
manages to clear him clean as a whistle is it now only got most of it
I mean quickly into the fence for four more ball short turning and wet straight
back past the boil up last Empire for four runs and Carly that’s he’s 50 there’s a great shot again and that’s
going to go all the way from Carly so strong to that part of the ground at the
end of forty five overs 210 for three that’s up in the air that’s big that is
massive that’s a fight that’s one of the bigger hits we’ve seen here that Canara
cricket oval absolute monster and again he’s gone over cover inside out and that
is six more he is simply on fire coolly doing it for the team down the ground before more it’s a single and there it is this time
he can celebrate properly this cunt keeps the strike as well again very
coolly and salutes the prayer again definitely make sure putting on God –
58-foot poor skipper is gone clean and is it out is this a good cancer what
he hit this like a tracer bullet it went so quickly to Bravo admit off standing
right on the ropes takes an absolute beauty the danger of skipping over right
the middle of the bed then I went low and flat water catch fingertips and
lands inside the rope that’s a really good catch when it brings to loop and
then a really good innings from Fred Curley exactly 100 just face the 74
balls 258 4 5

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