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(upbeat rock music) – Yeah you guide me on
the body and the rest and all kinds of things training
wise that we think about. And one area that I think
is a little underdeveloped is the brain and training
patterns of that. And that’s something
that they’ve really got the science going on, and
there’s a lot of validity to it and we thought it would be
a good thing to try out. – You try to move up levels so
you start off with two pucks, you’re up to three pucks,
four pucks and basically like as those levels go on there’s also other things in there that
make it more difficult. But, in order to move on you need to get, it goes by percentages and
you need to get three in a row to move up a percentage. You have to get to 100. – It actually does help
when reading a play coming towards you. You kinda wanna give a quick head check and see where kinda scan
the ice to see where guys are, but it’s a little
bit easier working those peripheral visions so I think
that it definitely helps. – [Damian] Quicker reaction
times, being able to use your peripheral vision
better, seeing the ice better, just stuff like that to make
you a better hockey player. ‘Cause obviously the
cane’s coming at you fast. And to make plays quick
in the right place quick. The neuro trainer is supposed to help translate into the games. – Our guys are doing
it three times a week. And we’ve assessed them a
couple of different times and they’re improving in some areas and I think they’re starting
to see the differences, which is the important thing ’cause they, to create a new habit or to learn something you need that
good feedback to happen. So, the guys we’ve brought
in have done a great job. – It’s awesome that they
give us a tool to improve our game in a way that’s
sort of outside of the box, that we haven’t really
done before, I think. A lot of guys are really buying into it and you can see on the ice. It’s not something that you
sort of notice right away but over time I think
it will help us a lot. – Yeah it’s definitely cool, it’s unique. Not a lot of schools do this. So for us you know it could
be something that gives maybe, down the road, gives us
a little bit of an edge. Who knows but it’s definitely nice to be able to have those
resources available to you. – To be able to have
three, four, five of ’em in the locker room at all times is just amazing to have. You get to use them as
just another resource that we get here that
other teams don’t get. So we just try to use
it as best as we can. We think of it the thing that’s
been helping a lot so far. – One of our goals when we came here was to make this a place
where elite players wanna come and train and get ready. And the guys’ goal when they come here obviously, there’s the
education aspect to it but these guys also wanna play in the NHL. Every advantage we can
have, again, whether it’s sleep science or mental training or hitting the weight room
and resting and sleep. Just dream of teaching
guys about those aspects of being a really good professional. And hopefully making them
better hockey players. I think this is an aspect to it of it that’s been very interesting for us. And I think it’s paid some dividends. (intense music)

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