Visit Bat & Barrel at Target Field

We’ve named this the Bat & Barrel.
It’s going to be a whole new concept. As our owner continues to look at ways to
renovate and continue to make it fresh, this is all part of that equation. We have bi-folding garage doors. On a nice day,
we just hit the button, and it opens up, and we’re able to have the outside on
a nice sunny day be part of this. We knocked out the big bar here and
everything that was in the center, where we have this glass elevator
that comes up from down below. I told you we have that craft beer area
that’s just down below outside this area. We’re going to put the World Series Trophies
in here with some other hardware like some Gold Gloves, some MVP Trophies, bringing that destination scenario, where people use this as a place to go see those items.

1 thought on “Visit Bat & Barrel at Target Field

  1. Is this open to the public? I’ll be making a stop in Minneapolis for my ballpark tour in August and would love to include this in my video.

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