Visiting the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto Canada

When visiting Toronto checking out the Hockey
Hall of Fame should be a high priority. Today is a very exciting day for me. I’m back
in Canada and I’m visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame. For those of you who don’t know,
hockey is almost like a religion in Canada. People go crazy over it. I’m as big of a hockey
fan as there is so I can’t wait to take you inside and show you around. Upon entering you’ll notice many displays
including vintage and modern goalie masks. Collections are gathered for both stars of
today’s and those from past eras. Including Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Wayne
Gretzky and Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard. One of my favorite areas was the interactive
zone where I got to shoot pucks at a screen with a video game goalie. I eventually even scored! YEAH! After I fended off shots from Wayne Gretzky
and Mark Messier by putting on a glove and blocker My favorite part was the broadcast room where
I got to call the game. Nash in on two defenders, makes a sick dangle. Oooh, what a goal! The
crowd goes crazy! Visiting the Montreal Canadiens dressing room
was simply cool. And who could forget getting a glimpse at
the Stanley Cup. My favorite team the Chicago Blackhawks won it all last year. I spent the rest of my time wandering around
admiring hockey jerseys and vintage gear from all over the world. It has truly become a
global sport. Overall, it was an awesome way for me to spend
an afternoon back home in Canada.

6 thoughts on “Visiting the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto Canada

  1. NEVER got in to ice hockey, mainly because it's not such a big thing in the UK, but I've seen that it's been growing even in the nearest city to my old hometown where they've built a small stadium and everything.

  2. i have gone only once to the hockey hall of fame,but that's because my hockey coach took the whole team there to learn more about the sport and to have fun

  3. "HOCKEY HALL OF FAME", located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has formally inducted 271 players (including four women), 105 builders and 16 on-ice officials. Player and on-ice officials must have not participated in a professional or international game for a minimum of three years to be eligible for nomination. Builders may be "active or inactive".

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