Viterbo University Baseball

Hi I’m Brian Lewis, head baseball coach at
Viterbo University. I have been a part of the team program for
three years and will be entering my second season as the head coach. Our roster typically is in the range of 40-45
players every year with a coaching staff of four or five individuals. The expectations for us on the field are to
qualify for the conference tournament and make a run for the national tournament. The biggest thing for us is somebody that’s
going to succeed in the classroom. After that, we look for somebody that’s got
a good work ethic, young men that are willing to grind it out whether that be on the field,
in the classroom or in the weight room, that really embrace what we refer to in baseball
as “the grind.” And the thing about here at Viterbo is there’s
a rich tradition in the community of La Crosse and at the university with the baseball program. It’s all about being fast and physical and
those are the kinda athletes that we’re looking for. There’s a lot of time the young men do things
together from team meals to team bonding. We do a night out at the slopes out at Mount
La Crosse. We do one major team trip a year. It’s over the spring break. In the past we’ve gone to Tennessee, Kentucky,
and areas of that nature. We try to set it up where we play a lot of
games so we can get our full 55-game schedule in, but there’s also a lot of fun. We like to get the guys into a lot of atmospheres
where they can be themselves and show off their unique personalities. And it doesn’t change when we’re in the dugout
or in the locker room. We like those guys to enjoy being themselves
and have a lot of fun and a lot of times you’ll find me right in the center of it, trying
to have a lot of fun with the guys.

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