Viterbo University Men’s Volleyball

Hi, welcome to Viterbo University. My name
is Dave Simon. I’m the head men’s volleyball coach and assistant women’s
volleyball coach here at Viterbo. I have been coaching
collegiately for 26 years and have been the women’s assistant here for the past
four years. Very excited about the new opportunity
we are presenting to student-athletes to be starting a men’s varsity program here
at Viterbo as a part of the NAIA and as a part of the Chicagoland Collegiate
Athletic Conference. We’ve been very successful on the women’s side. We’ve
been to three Final Fours in four years. Volleyball has become very important on
our campus and in our community. Our community is very excited for the
addition of men’s volleyball. My expectation for our new program is that
we will put together a competitive program right from the start here at
Viterbo. Given the quality of volleyball players in the Midwest, in Wisconsin, and in
Illinois, we feel that is something that’s very possible. That will be our
base for recruiting, but that that doesn’t mean that we won’t seek athletes from
further away. We certainly will and we are open to all athletes from across the
country. We are looking for athletes who want to be leaders who want to be
innovators. The athlete is a student first and an athlete second. We feel that
we offer a very high quality education here at Viterbo, have some very
successful programs. As we match that, the student-athlete will then have a great

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