Viterbo University Volleyball

Hello I’m Coach Ryan DeLong, head volleyball
coach at Viterbo University. I’ve been coaching here about 14 years. Our expectations with our volleyball program
are always really high. We really talk about the process and what
it means to be a V-Hawk and the things that we need to do to reach our goals. Ultimately, every year we want to compete
at the national level for a national title. Our volleyball program has been very successful
the last several years, being very fortunate to go down to the National Tournament in Sioux
City, Iowa, and be part of three Final Four appearances in the last four years. We’re been very fortunate to take a lot of
different trips during my years here and we really make it a point to be a team
building time and also to compete against some of the best competition. We’ve been fortunate to go to Europe, California,
Hawaii, and several other places. I think players that choose Viterbo wanna
compete at a high level, compete against the best, and try to be the best. I also think they want the full experience
of being a student-athlete, being part of a great City of La Crosse. We truly are a family-oriented program. The most important thing is we see them after
they graduate at their weddings or when they have kids, to be part of their lives after
they graduate is very important to us and we develop that from day one and it continues
throughout life.

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