Vleermuis Kitten Costuum πŸ˜‚ | Halloween DIY

hallo …. ugh how will this just stay…? Hi, you there! My name is Thomas.. and you are watching my channel, KORTHOM.. today I will show you… how you achieve this, yay okay.. I will put you down…. I am putting you down already.. anyway, this is how you turn your cat into a bat! And even if you do not have a cat yourself, you will probably enjoy this video.. because.. weird things will happen.. What do we need? To start with, a cat, this is Yeezy, my kitten. Secondly… A BOX! because if you have a box you are sure of the fact that your cat will stay.. lol … an old sock… an old one because we will destroy it. oh, and if you do not have a cat, just pick something that is kind of like it.. another animal, like a little dog, or a stuffed animal… or a rabit.. whatever… just be creative the fourth thing you need is iron wire to model the wings for the wings I found these foam bats for only 99 cents… (but use whatever you can find) I used white paint to paint the wings.. mine were way to black.. what are we waiting for? LEGGO! Firstly I remove the things from the bat that we do not need, like the eyes and the weird ass nose.. after that I cut of the upper and lower body, so the only thing that remains are the wings… something just went quite wrong… what I wanted to tell you: just see what stores have to offer, I could not find anything prettier than these wings… so I still had a lot of work to do making them look better… Now I start the painting process…. I used facial halloween paint, a cheap set that was about 3 euros… I mainly used the white paint but ended up using some of the black paint as well as you can see I like it the easy way and used an example image on my phone I use a little sponge to apply the white paint onto the wings.. but as you can see I mess up, that’s why I need the black paint to fix it… I am ready now with the paint, so I get a blow dryer to dry the paint… this we we can move on.. to attach the wings to the cat I am using an old sock I cut off the toe part of the sock, and the part where your feet normally enters will become the neck part.. right below the neck part I make two holes for the feet Now I get the iron wire and I make two half circles that are about the size of the full wing these I slide trough the sock, a few centimeters separated form one another, on the upper side of the body part/sock Now I am attaching the two wires together by a turning movement, I do this on both sides of the sock. Now I am ready to attach the wing to the sock I do that by pushing the wings onto the iron wire This way the iron wires will be on the back of the wings I bend the wires together with the wings And attach them to the two tops of the wing, by sticking it through, and back again… like sewing. The tips or the iron wire I bend with a tool, this way the cat will not hurt itself. The part of the iron wire that is visible on the front of the wings I paint black with a sharpie Now you are ready and you can carefully try to put it on your cat make sure your cat doesn’t dislike it… mine does not really give a lot… don’t make it go crazy forever.. well this is the result, I hope you enjoyed watching this… oh you wanna go down, I will put you down anyway, thanks for watching this, I hope you liked it, have a great halloween.. share it with your friends, thumbs up, and subscribe to my channel see you next time, yo!

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