Vlog 2 Brazil – Never give up

what are you talking about? be serious let’s go! my bikini! my paraglide we need to slide on the sand on this dune right here it start to slide come on… that gets on my nerves … it doesn’t slide, that hacks me off we travel light let’s go you slould think about a Gopro transplante with the turquoise water, it will be amazing it’s nice up there ? yes there is quiet strong gusts it looks too windy not now, it’s too strong when it’s windy it’s ok wow how to explain? it’s a f*cking shitty wind

65 thoughts on “Vlog 2 Brazil – Never give up

  1. Even your vlogs are so well put together and entertaining to watch 😀 Seeing this makes me think I'm doing something wrong with my own life.

  2. Love the vlogs! How about talking a little bit more to the camera in them? 😛

    PS: Do you go to Dune de Pyla by any chance this year?

  3. Hey Jean! Love the video!
    I need your advice… im super keen to get into paragliding but always hear it’s super dangerous. what’s your advice and take on this?
    Thanks heaps from Australia!!

  4. Бля чувак ты ахуенен! Жаль, что переводчик не переведёт тебе эти слова. Короче: ты делаешь кайф мне!

  5. Hey Bonjour de votre amis en allemagne jbc. J‘ai ete a Malta ces derniers jours et je pense tu pourrais voler tres bien la bas. Il y a du vent car c‘est une ile y du chaleur aussi en ete. Essayer y ! Bonne Chance

  6. Please what is the song from 3:12 to 4:02? I've done a big Google search for lyrics but can't find it.

  7. Magnifique ! Le Brésil est vraiment un beau pays ! Et le montage est superbe lui aussi, j'ai hâte de voir les prochain essais de paraplanche ^^

  8. La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 La musique a 3:12 ???????

  9. reminds me of going to Lökken (Denmark) for 10 days with 20min of airtime – – if the weather does not permit u got no chance

  10. Salut JB, et encore bravo pour cette belle vidéo (comme d'hab !). Mais bon allez juste pour l’expérience de la glisse sur le sable je crois avoir un peu plus d'avance! Dans tous les sens du terme 😉
    go on

  11. JBC I'm so glad to watch the natural beauties of my country through your PoV. Thanks for sharing this and be welcome anytime!

  12. Hello, I am from Brazil, really my country is very beautiful, has many riches, then try to come in Governador Valadares-MG, Brazil, we have the peak of Ibituruna, very cool.

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