Vol Biv Paragliding – Werfenweng to Stuhlfelden and back

I have no idea where I am but it was far and I squeezed out some meters again let’s see… pack the glider and find out where I am the municipality is called Stuhlfeld [sic] it’s a bit before Mittersill which means the flight was about 80 kilometers long which is great after getting a grasp of where I am, the plan is now … … to just go straight up the mountain here it’s still part of the ‘Pinzgauer Spaziergang’ up there is should be good to fly tomorrow so I’ll just hike up and maybe walk a bit towards Zell am See and tomorrow fly as far as possible towards Bischling get the car and drive home let’s see it’s really hot right now by the way Google Maps tells me it’s 3 to 4 hours for the ascent but Google Maps doesn’t know that I’m carrying 20 kilograms it’s 4:30pm now, a bit past 4:30pm and if I manage to get up all the way today, I’ll be very happy: today’s goal reached I really could have not brought all the water I’m carrying it’s running down right next to the path and it’s clean as well unbelievable hiking trail I could cry I just hope it will go uphill again at some point, because it’s downhill currently on average I assume you can tell by my facial expression: I’ve had enough now of walking it’s extremely steep but at least it’s something that somewhat resembles a hiking trail maybe 100 or 200 meters of elevation to go and then finally eating, stopping to walk just doing nothing anymore, not walking anymore most importantly so… this is the main peak I assume here’s another tiny peak I’m currently standing on I’m not sure yet whether it’s possible to launch over there or whether tomorrows wind direction is launchable there which means it could be… it could be that there’s a hike required up there in the morning whatever peak that may be it’s too late for that already there’s thankfully a plateau here, where I’ll set up the tent now so… good morning the tent has been taken down today’s forecast is great towards Tirol cumulus clouds are already developing nicely so it can’t take much longer the problem is that the wind… is coming down the peak, so it’s a northerly wind which obviously isn’t that great, I hope that will change or it’s little enough wind so that I can launch safely into a thermal the plan is to hike up that peak behind me to catch a good thermal around midday and then to fly at least to Schmittenhöhe hopefully all the way back of course I’m not sure yet whether it’s possible to launch up there… but I’ll find out mystery solved: were on Manlitzkogel at 2247 meters great to the right of me there’s the peak a bit to the right of it will probably be my launch site the wind is coming up nicely with the thermal cycles that’s my thermal source it’s a nice easterly face should be working well already, but I’ll wait until cloud base rises a bit and thermals are getting active over there as well launch from there thermal up there there’s cumulus cloud above already and then hopefully all the way to Werfenweng

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