Volleyball Drills at Home: Wall Traps

Hey coaches, I get asked all the time, “what
is something that a player can do to work on their serve when they’re at home?” And that’s why I’m going to show you the homework
assignment that I give to a lot of my players, which is… Wall Traps. Wall Traps are really easy, but also very
technical because they focus on three different components of a successful overhand serve. The first thing that we’re going to work on
is tossing in front of our hitting arm. In my case, it’s my right shoulder. So all we’re going to do is toss over to the
right so it lands in front of my right shoulder. We also want to toss so that the ball is in front
of us, so as we rock forward we need that ball to still be in front, and we also want
the ball to be just a LITTLE bit higher than we can reach in our toss. That way we’re building momentum and contacting
the ball as we’re moving forward. Keeping those three things in mind, here’s
what a wall trap is going to look like. Now, we’re also going to start with our arm
up and ready to strike the ball. We can have it low, high, it’s up to you as
the coach to determine what your preference is. I don’t really care, as long as the arm’s
up. So notice that my elbow is always straight
as I’m making contact. And I’m hitting the ball right in the center. This is going to help me practice my float
serve contact, which is best for most beginner players. Have your players do 50-100 a night, and they’ll
be able to progress faster in practice. Having your players practice volleyball at
home is going to allow you to move forward faster in practice. And instead of teaching the basics of serving,
you can work more on strategy. Thanks for checking out this homework assignment
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