Volleyball Explained: Physical Preparation

[Applause] I’ll go I’m not vegetative when I said no new transport k2 but it was now at an opportunity called with a genie in a salmon which Cosmo name is name of queer Tatia Tatia – appeared service tech force which is proper search necessity animal Cesario code with Dimitri sister cause at the time at the name of cost producer do Brainerd just record a novel texted centimetres Disney McAfee’s Bush no problem book most of the videos in the channel are devoted to the tactical aspects of the game but what is the first precondition in order to prepare your team in the best possible way every time we fighting about to have a good volleyball the the best result is the volleyball buffer to have a good volleyball you have to have athens with good preparation physical preparation my opinion is the key of the the future of volleyball to have a player with perfect preparation and not stress it preparation what I what I mean that some time we was working the past with too many stress too many work because we are everyt I’m afraid that doesn’t work the player we make a lot of mass in my opinion lot of confusion now we have to find one solution in this direction for improved the level of the players and probably the period of no volleyball can be the key like in NBA maybe they are the key the best in this direction because they they work a lot in the offseason over the physical condition because during the season their work but they play basically and it’s the same in our side I believe a lot in your work because it’s really much easier for me to work with player that are in better shape do you have some favorite system of athletic preparation that is good for volleyball you think or you special like something or don’t like okay I am really opening in the direction but the direction that all the physical preparation take in the last 10 year it’s really interesting I I love the free wakes now I don’t like the machine friend day I think that is much more important to work with the wakes the free wigs and not machine with the demos with the you know the situation like this because you have the control of your body Eugenia to the fortunately Internet male group at new obscenity the roof cannot just bitches stretching me Namib you know squat pose bait fish as a trainer or coach president then said code to me are a super generous donors governor just post bits fish knickers to quit the character is a technique a so-called inertia Marino said Oh sister I’m a wolf could pose in awkward to the mode of primacy of a figure otter which could seek witness to the act mark over album mr. Sikora / that Covino constant idiot adult is true with all the Grenadiers is

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