Volleyball Explained: What is Moneyball?

[Applause] okay people who run ball clubs that they think in terms of buying players your goal shouldn’t be to buy players your goal should be to buy wins and in order to buy wins you need to buy runs using stats the way we read them will find value in players that nobody else can see people are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws age appearance personality Moneyball the statistical model that changed the world of sports but what is actually Moneyball let’s listen to the explanation of the guys from t4 football channel and a link for their full video is in the description below Moneyball has become a shorthand term for the use of data in sport but it is not simply that it is about finding what is undervalued and then using that to determine players who cost less than they should used correctly this simple insight has had incredible ramifications in baseball and is already changing the way that football clubs recruit the term comes from Michael Lewis’s book about Billy Beane Ben had everything as a player what Scouts call the five tools running throwing fielding hitting and hitting with power when he failed as a player he vowed never to think about baseball in the same way Lewis’s book charts have been by then general manager at the poor unfashionable Oakland A’s used data to determine player recruitment and achieved remarkable success on a modest budget being following bill James the father of using baseball stats intelligently realized the on-base percentage how often a player gets on base was more important than pure hitting or glory plays like bunts or stealing bases Beane started to look for players who had been discarded but had great on-base percentage and were therefore undervalued baseball didn’t take on base percentage seriously but being did and he started winning for peanuts what are the reflections of Moneyball in volleyball let’s see some examples until 2015 the name of Tina oon out has been barely hurt in the volleyball world he was playing for smoke or average clubs like latina or vivo Valencia he was 27 years of age at a time then raddest in so Jeff the head coach of Trentino volley and his staff noticed something everyone else didn’t do when joining 20 know who not said any player likes to spike but I do not dislike even the skills of the second line later he proved in practice that he is a great player in season 2017 18 he starts were pretty amazing among all players in the league he was first inside out percentage after his reception second in list reception airs from all outside hitters forth in least attack airs from all outside hitters and opposites 16 list airs when serving hard eight in reception efficiency from all outside hitters eight in attack efficiency from all outside hitters and opposites a player who does not deserve to be undervalued in 2009 the head coach of the bulgarian national team silvano pandey so again something that everyone else didn’t the Bulgarian volleyball community was shocked when he caught up in the team that 23 years old middle blocker of chair no more a victory yosef off a long player on high-level back in time only several months later he became the best middle blocker in European Championship 2009 today Joseph F is the captain of the Bulgarian national team it’s not without reason that the nickname of Silvana Pandi is the professor what are your further suggestions for undervalued players that do not receive the attention they deserve comment in the section below and do not forget to subscribe

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