Volleyball Highlights vs. McKendree 9-6-19

what did you think of your overall your
team’s overall play tonight you know I think I don’t know that we were as crisp as I’d like to us to be I thought over our offense did well there are some
things defensively that we would have liked to you know start it out a little
bit better I think it took us about a game and a half to really start
implementing our game plan but once we did I thought that slowed down their
offense quite a bit but that first set they hit like 4,000 and some incredible
percentage yeah I mean we did not start out doing our game plan at all but I do
like that we turned that around and we didn’t panic and we just kept focused
and you know really really actually turned on the game plan a lot in the
last two and a half SEC’s yeah so they were executing that first
set and you were getting a lot of unlucky bounces so there was kind of
that turning point in that second set how important is it to bounce back after
losing right out of the gate yeah well I think it’s always important to try to
win the rally and win every game so it’s I mean we try not to focus on the fact
that we lost that first set and just try to move on to the next ball and next set
and you know you’re always just we’re just trying to do the best we can there
and then how about that third set you go down ten to three and you see your team
battle and you see your team couple overcoming adversity how does that feel
sat on the sidelines just see your team keep battling keep fighting and they
ended up winning that third set no we battled like that every day in practice
so it’s kind of you know it’s nice to see that that comes out but I thought
you know in that second set Morgan Ross came off the bench went in and made a
couple really key plays for us and then Lauren Houston had a couple of digs that
kind of gave us the opportunity to battle back and tie that up then how how
cool is it to see we got Lauren Houston a new role we got Sam
you got some freshmen making some big plays yeah how does that feel to got
some new players out here a new look is that exciting to see right off the gate
I think it’s really exciting I mean our our freshmen are so talented and not a
lot of them are playing right now but it’s just because you know there’s a lot
of people ahead of them but like every day in practice we see this just this
great volleyball so I think I think the best thing is that we have to play at
that kind of level every day in practice thank you after the first night I think
we did a really good job at just getting the right mindset and knowing what we
needed to do and we just all were pumped and just ready to go and just ready to
win that so it was really a back and forth that first set you guys got
unlucky bounces they were blocking you so in that second so I was kind of
turning point what you change what you do to start getting over that front line
I think it’s going back to like basic skills and just kind of looking to my
team and like looking to everyone else and our we had a lot of feedback from
the people on the bunch and they did a really good job and just helped us out
in the game and I thought like as a team like we just brought each other back
into the game and then when you get rolling and your ear and your groove how
does that feel what’s it like getting those those kills down and getting your
groove it’s really fun I think like once we get into a groove we play as a team
to play as a unit and it’s like the best feeling ever like we’re all just like on
the same page and it’s really awesome and like it’s so you

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