Volleyball Highlights vs. Seton Hill 9-7-19

coach 4-0 this weekend can you just
talk about your team’s performance you know it was kind of a different
performance in every game but I’m really happy with how we played really really
happy with how we got better over the weekend it was just a really good
experience for us every match was a little bit different kind of test and
you know we figured out some things about our play and about the things that
we can do so I think the best thing is is how much better we got this weekend
and then a tough match earlier on today against Gannon can you just talk about
what made them so difficult and how you push through and won that match you know
we didn’t pass well and I was a little bit Gannon you know kind of serving us
at a system a little bit and so we just weren’t able to put pressure on them and
then you know we kind of hit right at their defense so it made it really easy
for them to transition I think that we were really conscious in this game
coming off of that of trying to like hit where the defense wasn’t and that made a
really big difference it seems so simple but really a big difference and then you
have a good core group of seniors can you just talk about their role going
forward with the season you know the seniors are really focused on it just
being like you know obviously you want to do well as a senior but their thing
is just like this team has to just be one big unit and they that’s their focus
every day in practice is making sure that the relationships are strong and
that everybody feels the same so it’s not like seniors juniors freshmen it’s
or sophomores it’s just one team and I love that kind of leadership next week’s enemy so tough just really
really great teams and you know every every point you’re just gonna have to
battle for I think this weekend was good for us because we got to see ourselves
in a competitive situation we got to be you know kind of have to be tested a
little bit and I think that it will help us but we definitely have some work to
do this week in practice Courtney can you just talk about how your team played
this weekend oh yeah I think we came out like really ready to go and we had a
really good game plan and scout and everyone was really prepared to play so
we executed that well we really go by the motto to respect all and fear none
so we just play every point like it’s the last point and then we go from there yeah so we just work hard every point we
do that every day in practice we push to sprint points and I think people are
coming off the bench did really well too so that’s awesome for us as well

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