Volleyball Preview Delaware & James Madison

What I told her today was
whatever she has been doing before these games just rinse and repeat
because she’s literally playing error-free volleyball you know
especially offensively so I was surprised to actually, to see her get Defensive Player of the
Week. That said you don’t often get middles who are getting double-doubles
because they’re just dominating the net so effectively up front so she’s
been a huge presence and defenses have to pay attention to her on offense and
we’re relying on her to make defensive plays and there’s a big momentum changes
for the game. She’s doing an awesome job
you know she’s fresh the gym and she’s making sure that when she is
getting reps with her setters their counting and it’s
all her hard work paying off. They’re going to gameplan for Kate but we’re going to
give her the ball and we’re gonna say you know Kate is one of those attackers
where she can hit lines you can hit deep cross, sharp cross, she can be crafty
with a tip and a roll shot so we’re going to keep giving her the ball. She’s a
great playmaker for us and if we can get her involved and established and
continue to roll then you know she’s gonna create more opportunities for our
other attackers at the net so that creates a ton of momentum offensively
when you know you have a playmaker like that on offense who’s gonna create
opportunities for you to score that just makes you want to pass the
ball and get us in system and we’re gonna do that. It certainly helps having
Julia in the gym I mean when they’re off and they have a chance to commiserate
and talk about what’s going on even in in practice you know Julia’s given her
some helpful feedback and it comes from Janelle her middles coach giving her a
ton of guidance and instruction every single week. Last but not least you
know I asked her you know on some of those last-minute plays where she made
some diving block moves and created some points , what were you
thinking she said I wasn’t really thinking I was just feeling and that
comes from game experience and that comes from intuition in the
moment and trusting your training and what you’re seeing and
what you’re feeling and going and executing. So it’s a little
combination of everything and just like Julia when K-Ferg’s
been putting in the work it pays off, so credit to her.

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