Volleyball Quick Feet Training with Resistance Bands – Part 2

Speaker 1: This way, drop step two of them,
drop step two of them, good. Make sure you get that one two, that one two, this way,
one two, good, this way, one two, good. Drop step, bring it back home, that’s good. Let’s
shake them out ladies. Bring it down. Here we go. Come on be quick, there we go, now
we’ve got some fast feet, here we go be quick, be quick, drop step two, bring it back, bring
it back, drop step, bring it back come on quick, two steps, two steps, be quick, be
quick, got to have fast feet to play volleyball right. Two steps, drop step, come on back,
that way two step, two step, quick feet, good, one two, one two.

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