Volleyball Setter Footwork (3 TIPS TO IMPROVE SETTING MOVEMENT)

Are you interested in becoming a great
setter? If so, watch this video where i share the four common traits of the
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Tuesday. Are you a setter that’s looking for an
edge? If so, watch this video where I explain how setter footwork is probably
the most important skill for you to be focusing on right now. If you are ready
to take your setting skills to a higher level,
by the end of this video, you will have my three tips that will help you become an
awesome setter. These are the exact tips I use with my setters and now it’s your
turn. The first setting tip is focusing on consistent footwork to the ball every
single time you move to get in position to set. When it comes to setter training,
most coaches and most setters ignore footwork. Most coaches think all the
setter should focus on is getting to the ball as fast as they can. This is a
mistake. Just like you would want consistent
footwork for spiking, you want to have consistent footwork for setting. So why
is this footwork for setting so important. Footwork is important because
the more efficient you are at getting to the ball, the faster and easier it will
be to get in position to set. Getting into the correct position is everything.
Alright, number two. The second tip is to train different footwork for each
situation. How you move coming off the net to the ball is different than when
setting a ball that’s passed tight to the net. Each of these situations, the setter
will use different footwork. So the footwork for these situations needs to
be trained. Again, efficient footwork is important.
The more efficient the setter moves, the faster and smoother the setter will get
in position to set. Okay, number three. The third setting tip is always transfer
weight from one foot to the other. The exception to this is with jump
setting. When you jump set, you can jump off both feet. For all your other
sets, focus on transferring your body weight from one foot to the other. Many
coaches make the mistake of having the setter try to always get stopped when
they set. You don’t want to stop moving. Always be moving as you set the ball.
When the setter is moving forward towards the target, setter is finishing left
right. Bodyweight finishes on the right foot. In the same situation, same footwork
for back sitting. There are many situations where the setter will need to
make an athletic play off of one foot. The setter needs to train for these
situations. Now to become a great setter, you need to understand how to train the
hands. Now if you haven’t seen my video on training the hands for setting, be
sure to check it out. The link to watch it is in the description below and also
in the cards of this video. If you’ve been struggling with setting or have a
question related setting, be sure to comment below with a follow-up question.
Now you have some very important tips on setting and there’s a lot that goes into
becoming a great setter. That’s why I’ve created a checklist that
covers everything you need to know about training the setter. This covers the
entire process of training the setter. The link is below. If you like this video,
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  1. Thanks for watching! How important do think setter footwork is? Do you think setting footwork is as important as footwork for hitting? Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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