Volleyball Setting Techniques (4 STEPS TO CLEAN CONSISTENT HAND SETS)

Are you struggling to learn how to
handset the ball? If so, watch this video where you will discover how to fix your
hands so you’ll be setting the ball clean and consistent. For the best
volleyball coaching and training advice, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell
to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday. By the end of this video,
you will have my four tips that will help you fix your hands and you will
finally become an awesome setter. These are the exact tips I use with my players
and now it’s your turn. Number one, the first step is to have the hands in the
shape of the ball at pre-contact. This basically means that every single time
you set, before you make contact with the ball, the hand should be in the shape of
the ball. Number two, the second step is to focus
on bending the wrists and not the elbows when your handset. The more you bend
elbows, the more there is a chance that something can go wrong. Number three. The third step is to focus
on fast handsets. You aren’t using your entire body when you set. Just focus on
the wrists and hands. You want to get the ball in and out of the hands as fast as
you can. Number four. The fourth step is to always
finish with the hands in the shape of the ball. When you focus on the finished
hand position, you are less likely to miss handle the ball. Most doubles occur
when hand position changes. Focus the best you can on keeping the same hand
position during the entire setting motion. Now to become a great setter, you need to
become great and moving to the ball. If you haven’t seen my video on how to
train the feet for setting, be sure to check it out. The link to watch it is in
the description below and also in the cards in this video. If you’ve been
struggling with setting or have a question related to setting, please
comment below with follow-up question. Now you have some very important tips on
setting and there’s a lot that goes into setting. This is why I’ve created a
checklist that covers the entire process of training the setter. The link is below. If
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it with your volleyball friends. You can comment below with the word helpful, if
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