Volleyball Swing Attack: 10 Easy Drills (Volleyball Offense)

Volleyball Swing Attack Offense hi this is Marc Massey I am a volleyball Coach just like you and i wanna talk to you
about a problem that we all have which is how to get enough offense yeah offense because we all know if we don’t have enough offense we’re
gonna lose a lot of matches and looked just like these guys now maybe your offensive struggles come
because your team is shorter than your opponents and so your hitters struggle at the
net trying to convert or maybe you can’t get your offense on
track because your major opponents dominate you with their block you’ve probably racked your brain trying
to figure out how do i win without enough offense and
I may have a solution for you the volleyball swing attack! see
twenty-five years ago I took over a losing college volleyball program, implemented the swing attack, and four
years later we were playing in an NCAA final four! You see the swing attack
can be perfect for smaller teams because it forces your larger opponents
to play To Your Strengths which arer ball control mobility and
shot-making in fact when you learn how to teach
swing you can apply it to a wide range of players I’ve had all-american quality players
from six feet all the way down to 5-3 have a huge
impact on the game using the swing attack in fact if I had
to suggest three things to help a struggling team win I would suggest focusing on service
pressure adapting non linear passing techniques and looking at swing attack principles
for your team the biggest problem with swing attack is
that hardly anyone knows how to teach it, and I’ve solved this
problem. I’ve taken the twenty-five years of my experience experimenting in
using swing attack with my college teams and put it in a book volleyball swing
attack 10 easy drills has just been published on Amazon in it
I will take you step-by-step through the theory the tactics and the techniques that you
need to create a winning swing offense and we wrap it all up with 10 easy
drills which are exactly the same drills I used
to teach swing attack to my teams so if you’re not happy with
your offense and you’d rather look like the coach on the
right I suggest you grab a copy of volleyball swing attack 10 easy drills today you can easily find it at Amazon
to search for volleyball swing attack or head to volley
ball swing attack dot com and click on the book link thanks for
helping everybody

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