Volleyball Tip of the Week #12

hey guys this is LP where you’re done volleyball training tip of the week this week we’re talking about one of my favorite topics blocking I used to be a middle blocker and I just loved blocking and one of the things that I see a lot in young athletes is that they’re not ready to go and they don’t have the attitude that blocking requires okay as a middle blocker but also as a setter ORS and outside when you are at the net blocking you don’t want the ball to go over the net right you just want to block the ball no matter who hits it okay so blocking is an attitude and it’s something that we can develop by having and adopting a good starting position now I’m going to ask you a question I want you to look at the next two clips and tell me which one looks the best to you is the nice first Club that Ben has the best ready position or is the missed second clip so if you answered the second clip you were right doesn’t he look just ready to block in this clip he does and it’s you know when I was talking about having an attitude a blocking attitude that’s what I’m talking about so having that ready position really shows the other team that you’re ready to block and I’m telling you you’re gonna have more success if you adopt that attitude there’s another reason why you want to be in that position and it’s a physiological reason okay I want you to do this test just stand stand up wherever you are okay watching this video stand up take this position just nice and straight and then feel your glute muscle okay it should be pretty soft now try this bend your knees bring the weight to your tip the tip of your toes okay bring your shoulders forward like in a blocking position and now try again Oh harder now right that’s because your glutes are engaged and they’re ready to fire and now guess what muscle is you know responsible for pushing you sideways and for lateral movement you got it glutes okay so if you’re in that position your take you’re getting your body ready to react and to go really really fast sideways so you can face the ball face your hitter and go get that block all right so now this week what I want you to do is to notice the position you’re in when you block and now I want you to adopt that nice and ready aggressive position okay you’ll see you’ll have much more success so thanks for watching and I will catch you later guys next week we’re having another tip of the week it’s Monday don’t miss it thanks for watching guys come back next week for a tip on setting and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more weekly useful valuable tips

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