Volleyball Tip of the Week #14: The Answer

welcome back guys thanks for answering the question to ask you yesterday now we’re gonna go over the answer so if you answered that you would send the ball to one or two on the other side of the net well you were right and we’re gonna see why in a second who’s playing in position five that’s right it’s the Libero the best faster on the court so if you send the ball up to five you’re pretty much saying hey guys let’s just you’ll take the ball make your play and just smash that ball back at us okay so maybe sending two ball to five is not the best choice also your setter is going to have the ball in front of them and they’re going to see the whole play they’re going to see their hitter the blockers on the other side of the net and they get the chance to run a good play if you answered position two or one you were right it’s the right answer why well because who plays in position one and two usually the setter and the right side if the setter takes the ball then the other team needs to have an on-set are setting the ball which gives your team the advantage during this point if the right side takes the ball if you’re able to send that ball just short enough well you will have the right side taken out of the plate which again gives your team the advantage another thing is when the ball is coming from behind you we’ve talked about this in another video the sitter is going to have to square off to their target so the ball coming back I’m looking away okay so I can’t see what’s going up on this side of the net I don’t know about the blockers and I’m going to have the run square off my shoulders and make sure I give a good set so it’s complicated for the setter when you send that ball 2 2 & 1 and this is why 2 & 1 was the right answer so now that you know why sending the ball to position 2 or to position 1 is the right answer I know whether you’re going to do it in your next practice and your next game really try to think about that because it’s a way that you can give the advantage to your team just be careful about one thing though make sure that if settar is front row you send a ball just deep enough because if you don’t well this might happen so thanks for watching guys and I’ll catch you later for another tip of the week then for sure get that ball harder don’t forget to subscribe guys and come back next week for tip on diving you

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  1. Is that the best positioning for a libero? (position 5). Whats the reasoning? Is there a higher percentage of balls hit there? Our team plays her in position 6 but after watching this Im considering changing it.

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